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Red Hot Wild Women Writers answer sizzling and sane questions!!!

Aloha everyone! I'm very happy to announce that 6 of us RED HOT women writers have teamed up with our Publisher MuseItUp. There are 6 hot to trot, romance erotica books in one bundle. Good value for the holidays! And it's fun for all of us to get together and share our stories with you :-) Ruby will be joining us on Part 2 of this blog when we'll have more sizzling and sane Q and A's. :-) 

We have a selection of paranormal, committed m/m/f menage, vampires, cougar shapeshifters, dark secrets in the waters of the Scottish Highlands, BDSM playhouse, Terentian warriors and Hawaiian hybrids. Something for everyone. All with the theme of dark, searching, lost and found... in the Wild Darkness Calls Series. 

On your first published work. How did it feel to pop your publishing cherry?

IONA: I would liken it to losing your virginity! There's lots of build-up, endless discussion and finally it happens. But then life goes on. You feel like there is something different about you and that it must be obvious but nobody notices. You feel like running into the street and shouting, “everything is different, can't you see the change in me?”

MIKEY: Unreal, yet you realize the need to keep writing and other stories roaming around in your nugget demand to be let out, so there's no real rest for the wicked.

KAY DEE: I’m with Iona on this one – it was like running naked in the streets. Everyone could now read my flaws and what if no one enjoyed my story? Especially with a mix of reviews…isn’t everyone supposed to like it? *LOL* Then the dust settles and naked (so to speak) becomes the norm.

ALIX: I was astounded. Choked up, had to go to the site to see for myself that it was real. It was like a dream had come true and it was hard to believe it actually happened. Even to this day, it seems like a dream and I’ll wake up and it won’t be there. Funny, the one thing I wanted to be I became. And here it is, real and just an awesome feeling. :-)

MEG: I don’t think I really even clicked on the day what was happening. I missed the sense of reality with it. I’m more excited about my second book Saint Nicholas coming out on the 28th of Nov. The same date as this bundle actually. I think it has sunk in, in phases. LOL. I was like that with sex though… LOL. People ask that question. What was your first time like? I haven’t got a clue. It didn’t impact me in any way that I remember it. I do know I’m much confident now in telling people I’m a writer. I don’t feel I have to explain myself. I simply AM an author and that’s an incredibly nice feeling. :-)

Favourite author:

IONA: Diana Gabaldon

MIKEY: Tough one. There is a wide variety of authors I read. David Stone, for his Micah Dalton spy novels, Agatha Christie for her mysteries, but also for her uniqueness as a person. Dan Skinner gets to make me cry. Amy Lane for the same reasons. Abigail Roux for giving us Ty and Zane. Shit, there's just to many to name. Josh Lanyon for his Adrian English series. Elizabeth A.Lynn because she gave me Dancers of Arun...yeah and she made be cry too...bitches. I'll read anyone.
KAY DEE: Kate Douglas (love her sexy shifters and their world)

ALIX: Way too many! LOL Sherrilyn Kenyon and Christine Feehan. Wonderful pieces woven into each story connected to others.

MEG: Noel Barber, he wrote great sweeping sagas in gorgeous locales.

Where did the inspiration for your sexy, sensual characters come from?

IONA: In 2013 Scottish sculptor Andy Scott created two thirty metre high water horse statues for display in a new park in Falkirk. These huge and controversial statues were meant to use the transforming image of the water horse as a metaphor for both the endurance and the transformation of Scotland's water ways.

However, what they got me thinking about was Kelpies (water horses that could appear in the guise of men) and Scottish mythology in general. From there it was only a short leap of the imagination to envisage what an ancient predator appearing in the form of a man might look like. I'll give you a clue – pretty damn hot!

*See above photograph

MIKEY: Most of the characters, especially the male ones have a lot of me in them, even when it comes to their psychosis. As far as physical descriptions, I like blonds and redheads, sue me. I like tats. I like protagonists who are the antihero. My stories are dark and so are my characters.

KAY DEE: Cougars have been a fascination of mine for as long as it’s fascinated “Holly” – star of the story. They’ve been elusive in MI, no one admitting to the fact they lived here…until finally there was no denying it. “Holly” wanted a picture of the beast and the story unfolded from there.

ALIX: From dreams and real people, with a sprinkle of history mixed in for good measure. Kind of like taking a historical male/female and setting them in the modern era. The mix that appears is very sensual and a turn-on. Seeing how the tough warrior from two-thousand years ago is still the same tough guy today, but not the stereotyped one we’ve been led to believe existed back then. I like to fashion them to be timeless. I don’t believe the “soft” males are a modern moment. It’s always been there in the men, that’s what I want to expose. Share with my readers.

MEG: They come from men I’d like to meet. People I have met. My dreams and fantasies. I think all my female characters are based on me. LOL. But the men are all parts of different people I’ve known, loved, liked, sometimes disliked. I like vulnerable men and metro men. They’re incredibly sexy and sensuous to me. That moment when I man can open up and express his emotions and feelings hits some inner core of sensuousness for me. Men in their softness are very masculine to me. 

Do you like pubic hair on your heroes or heroines?

IONA: Personally, I don't like to get into this level of detail. No hair grosses me out but by the same token if there is hair I really don't want a detailed description.

MIKEY: Mikey forgot to answer this one, but I think from memory she likes either. But also comments - trim that shit! Or that could be beards? LOL Sorry Mikey my man!

KAY DEE: Quick answer – yes.

ALIX: I’m not a fan of no pubic hair personally. Reminds me too much of pre-puberty. *shivers* So, yes, they all have pubic hair. However, on that note, they are all neatly trimmed (man-scaping anyone? lol). I’m all for au natural but even I have a limit.

MEG: I can’t STAND no pubic hair. LOL. Recently I’ve allowed a couple of my male/male romances to have shaved balls. But that’s my limit. LOL. I like the allure of pubic hair, the sheer sexiness of it. A man without pubic hair reminds me of a man going out in his dress shirt and tie, shoes and socks on, but no trousers. It just looks weird!! And not remotely sexy to me. I like my men to look like men, not little boys. 

See what I mean? Just gruesome... 

Le Difference... hmmm hmmm

How do you characters turn up? Do you plan them out? Or do they just arrive one day shouting out their stories?

IONA: Oh, they definitely arrive! The character has to come first. There's no point in thinking of a sexy scene then shoehorning in a character. The character has to come first and they dictate the actions (well, they do in my head!)

KAY DEE: I’ve done both ways – drawn up detailed character sketches / interviews intuitively drawing from who they are inside my brain…to the point of in-depth emotions and the “whys” of them. Some have simply evolved to me as the story gets written. I like to know a little about them…so I know if we’ll resonate: )

ALIX: LOL Mine have been roaming about in my head since I was a child and entertaining my siblings with stories. Okay, okay, so those are my ancients and immortals. Most recently, they appear and want their tale told and others wait patiently in the wings for their moment to shine. I also have those who demand (very loudly, lol) that it’s their turn and they refuse to wait a second. Guess, mine are a mix of each one. I still have a very patient male who is just sitting there smiling at me...waiting. Now why couldn’t the others be that polite? LOL

MEG: LOL. Oh mine, just stampede into my brain out of the blue. It might come from one remark, one person, anything could cause them to turn up. But I have no part in the planning of them. They turn up, do their own thing, tell their own stories, with me tentatively suggesting things from the side lines. LOL. I have characters that go ‘rogue’ on me. Back when I first started writing, I thought I was in control of things. “I” was the storyteller. But apparently I’m delusional. I’m merely the person they dictate the story too. I’m essentially the typist.

Favorite food:

IONA: Cheese

MIKEY: Bangers and Mash with Guinness gravy...also I won't pass on a nice liver steak and onions.
KAY DEE: Chocolate (isn’t that a staple?)

ALIX: Pizza. All food groups in that one. :-)

MEG: New Zealand fish and chips

What’s the thing you enjoy the most about writing sex scenes?

IONA: I enjoy writing all sorts of scenes. You know it's going well when your fingers are flying over the keyboard and you literally cannot stop until it has finished (the scene and the act, if you know what I mean).

MIKEY: The physical connection between the characters, the fulfillment of the needs, emotionally and physically. I like to do things differently. Usually, at least one of my sex scenes per story will be something out if the norm for those characters. Not a lot of missionary in my stories, but once or twice I'll throw in a variation on the old theme.

KAY DEE: How natural writing it comes to me…I’m there, filled with the emotions and passion in the story – and those scenes are my most fun to write (so my stories tend to sometimes have a lot of these scenes).

ALIX: The emotions and feelings generated. The way the words flow. How it suspends time. That moment when I step back and realize I wrote that and not that it actually happened. The realness of the scene and characters. I enjoy blinking and wondering what in the world just happened. :-)

MEG: I like the feelings it generates. The sensuality and flow through my brain and body as the scene unfolds. The way I can get lost and turned on writing the scene, immersed in it. I hope the readers will get the same reaction from it. If the scene’s not turning me on, it’s probably not going to turn anyone else on either. I like the intense connection between the characters, the heat and emotions it generates.

Favorite place:

IONA: Bonnie Scotland of course!

MIKEY: Here...in the woods, in Washington State...up on my mountain.

KAY DEE: Upper Michigan…rural areas with water :-)

ALIX: Beaches and mountains. Nature.

MEG: Hawai’i, France,and New Orleans I’m sure if I visited it in person. :-)

The view from the gondola on Crystal Mountain to Mt. Rainier

Roussillon, Luberon, France

What do you consider a romantic date?

 IONA: Something quirky that is tailored just for you. It is so romantic if somebody considers you as a person and thinks of your likes and desires and translates that into a date. Men take heed - it's not all about cookie cutter “romance” it's about really taking your time to consider your partner and doing something just for them.

MIKEY: Dunno, never been on one, but for me...probably a football game, dinner and drinks. Now I have had a romantic lunch, up on Crystal Mountain, at the summit lodge for my birthday. Unhubby took me there and we rode the gondola up and Mt. Rainier was simply stunning. It was romantic and the food was excellent.

KAY DEE: When he goes out of his way to make it “perfect” – even if it’s simply a picnic, but he remembered my favorite wine, cheese, or bread. My favorite song on the radio, my favorite beach, park, or lake :-) We’re connected on a kindred level with conversation and he’s attentive (affectionately) and “hears” me. That absolutely rocks my world.

ALIX: Good food and awesome music. On the beach in the evening/night with a bonfire ablaze. Just the two of us on a blanket, listening to the waves as they come ashore. Watching the stars overhead and the flashes of falling stars. That would be the most romantic date for me. *sigh*

MEG: A five star fine dining restaurant. A bottle of wine on a beach. A bottle of wine, Glenn Miller on the stereo by the water. A meal cooked at home, wine, candles, flowers, music.

Fine Dining for Fur Children

What kind of underpants turn you on in a man?

IONA: Tighty Whities! No flappy numbers please.

MIKEY: Well, besides none...boxer briefs.

KAY DEE: None – when he wears none and it’s a big surprise *grins*

ALIX: Commando. Does that count? *smirk* Oh, all right. *sigh* Nice form-fitting ones. I enjoy looking. :-)

MEG: I like form fitting briefs or bikinis. Or the new boxers. Don’t give me those floppy shorts or boxers of old. And no y-fronts!! I want a lovely outline thanks. :-) Very sexy.

Black, blonde or redheads?

IONA: Any.

MIKEY: I like them all, but I'm partial to blonds and reds, but pairing them with tall, dark, and handsome.

KAY DEE: Dark haired – so black or brown

ALIX: I’m a sucker for them all, just sayin’. But I REALLY love black haired males. Especially if they have a dark tan with light/pale eyes. I’m a goner. :-)

MEG: Black or redhead. But the black haired men always really wow me.

Long or short hair on men?

IONA: Any. Really short and really long can both look good depending on the personality of the wearer.

MIKEY: Long. My unhubby's hair is now down below his knees and he's 6'3" and has a long torso.
KAY DEE: I love longer hair that’s wild, yet groomed – hmmm, is that even possible? That’s what I picture on most of stars in my stories.

ALIX: Depends on the man. Some men can rock long hair (Native Americans), while others look hotter with short hair (British men). Either way, they’re HOT!

MEG: I like long hair on men. I don’t mind short hair as long as it’s not a number one, or the shaved look/stubble look. That turns me off. I like hair on a man’s head, with a bit of a sweep back to it. Really short men’s haircuts do zero for me.

Give some details of your ideal home and its location.                              

IONA: A sprawling country house in the highlands of Scotland.

MIKEY: Cabin in the woods, or an underground home in the woods. Prefer a nice green wooden area with rich soil and soft emerald moss. I don't need grass.

KAY DEE: I love the look of a modernized log cabin with all the conveniences of wi-fi, water, and electric – it would have the wrap-around porch, a sunroom (for writing), and be located in a lovely rural area in Michigan surrounded by trees (but not so dense the sun can’t filter in) with a babbling creek close by and I can enjoy the seasons: )

ALIX: In the mountains, secluded. Would love to be snowed in during the whole winter. Nice big windows with a beautiful view of a valley below. A wrap around deck, overhanging, to give the feeling you’re floating above the valley floor. Large rooms, lots of space with huge fireplaces for heat. A combination “A” Frame house and log cabin would be ideal. Oh, have to have a hot tub or maybe a Jacuzzi, so I won’t freeze when I want to sip wine and soak outside. :-)  

MEG: Tough one. I have a few places that would work for me. One is a big open airy Hawaiian house on the Big Island of Hawai’i in Kona. A big lanai, big kitchen, art festooned walls. A hammock and orchids on every surface of the lanai. Tropical plants for miles, coffee, papaya, plumeria, ginger, bananas, hibiscus, Jacaranda, Poinciana. 

The other would be a place in New Orleans right in the CBD of the French Quarter. Being able to step out the front door, knowing that a decent fine dining restaurant or ethic food was right around the corner, a short walk away. An inner courtyard, sheltered and private from the outside world. Rich tropical plants, art for Africa, lots of glass and light. An oasis in a city. Private and sensuous. A hammock outside.

Earrings or other jewelry on men?

IONA: A watch and a wedding ring is all a man should wear.

MIKEY: Yes. Earings, bracelets, anklets, rings. Unfortunately my unhubby has huge hands...to give you an idea...I can put his full face helmet on my head and spin it all their way around my head. He's a big Scottish boy.

KAY DEE: No…not so much.

ALIX: Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, you name it. I think they look sexy. It’s an eye catcher for me. Draws my gaze every time. I just cannot help myself. :-)

MEG: I LOVE earrings on a man. LOVE LOVE LOVE them. LOL. You could probably sweep me away if you were a man with earrings. LOL. I like them in one or both ears, up to two in each ear. I also love bracelets, necklaces, rings… I like metro men, can’t you tell. :-)

This sexy beastie with his jewelry is just for Iona. LOL. No.. a wee bit too much Iona? :-)

My man Morgan with his lovely lovely gold hoops. Hmmm hmmm 






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