Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Bundle up with the Red Hot Wild Women Writers this holidays.

Aloha everyone! On Black Friday we six hot women writers are releasing our bundle of erotica romance stories. Over 60, 000 words, 6 hot stories to bundle up with this chilly winter and in the holidays. One wee NSFW piccie :-) 

The hotties answered a few more questions about writing, love, sex and favorite things. Thanks for reading! Aloha Meg, Mikey, Kay Dee, Alix, Ruby and Iona!!! 

Name three places it's easy for you to relax.

MIKEY: I generally don't relax. In the bath. In a hot tub. Even on vacation, I don't necessarily relax. About the only time I relax is on my Harley rolling down the open road with goddamn time frame.

KAY DEE: Café, hiking in the woods, hanging out near water (sitting in a chair next to it or floating on it in a boat).

ALIX: Beaches, pretty much ALL beaches. Grew up around the Great Lakes, beaches were a staple of life. Mountains, I truly enjoy the views from up at the top, or even halfway. If there’s a place where mountains and beaches converge, that’s where I want to be. :-) In the woodlands of the Upper Peninsula. I miss those long walks to reach the perfect beaches. (Meg: Here’s a tip. If you want to become a writer, come from Michigan. We have so many writers from there, it’s almost uncanny! :-) I lived there when I first came to the States. It must be something in their water supply, or long, longggggggggg winters. :-) )

RUBY: I sit on the cliff tops listening to the lull of waves, gently crashing down on the sea wall under moonlight. Another is, lying alone on my bed, deep in thought, sucking chocolate, listening to classical music. Lastly, a hot soak enriched with oils and  rose petals, flickering candles, a gentle fragrance from a burner and a glass of Bucks Fizz.

MEG: Kona, on the Big Island of Hawai’i. Sitting in the back of a luxury car, being driven. The West Coast of New Zealand, along the Punakaiki stretch of the coast. Wild, rugged and windswept. It’s gorgeous.

Night owl or Early bird?

KAY DEE: I love getting up early…before anyone else and getting right to writing: ) Although – I can do the same thing at night – everyone’s in bed and I’m still up writing: )

ALIX: Night owl all the way. Daylight is annoying at times. LOL

RUBY: I’m a vampire girl I only ‘come out’ at night… sweet dreams readers.

MEG: Pure night owl. I’m dysfunctional in the daylight.

What genre do you like to read?

MIKEY: gay romance, some fantasy, Star Wars, and I have a secret addiction to spy novels. Micah goddamn Dalton is hot. I've saved a bullet for him.

KAY DEE: It’s a mood thing for me – mostly erotic romance in sub-genres paranormal, fantasy, contemporary, historical, sci-fi, steam-punk – then I want to stop and read something mainstream – detective-type stuff – like Patricia Cornwell or Kathy Reichs.

ALIX: Pretty much all of them. I truly enjoy a good written (accurate) historical, as well as the fantastical that takes me to another world. The paranormals to suspend belief and yes, even erotic/a. Have to keep up with what I write. :-) I’m a sucker for a romance that has me believing in “happily-ever-afters” even if only for that second.

RUBY: Predominantly, I am a supernatural kinda girl. I love baddies and wish they’d win more… hehehe.  I don’t often read romance, murder mystery, thrillers or whodunits. The dark and macabre worlds of paranormal stories and the hint of truth contained within them are of fine substance for me. I love stories that contain any type of sexual gender, fetish or practice, non-fiction or fiction. These make interesting reads for me.

MEG: I read a selection, but I love the male/male romances. I read a lot of mainstream as well, mostly murder mysteries and romances. I love a good British cosy and occasionally read thrillers… skipping over the icky stuff. I read for the characters in any book, sometimes the plot is the background story for me. Anything with psychology thrown in is usually a draw card too for me.  

Lace, Leather, or Denim?

MIKEY: Leather and denim

KAY DEE: Totally denim :-)

ALIX: Combination of the three. I’m a sucker for leather and am extremely comfortable in denim. Lace is for bras and panties.

RUBY: I own clothes with all three and it depends what mood I’m in. Delicate and feminine? Basques and lace. A naughty girl? It’s gotta be leather or denim.

MEG: I like lace and leather combined, but if I had to pick one, it would be lace. I like wearing Victoriana clothing in the winter.

What brings about an idea that you form into a story, how do you know it’s a viable idea?

KAY DEE: The simplest thing…like I mentioned, my fascination in the elusive cougar. That thought planted the seed, and then the pot simmers for hours, days, or months…until the characters become recognizable and the story forms, ready to be written.

ALIX: More often than not, mine come to me out of nowhere. Those are usually the ones that last. There are others that pop in while I’m working another storyline. And those eventually are interwoven into a series of books. Those that are viable are the ones that I just cannot not stop working on. It’s as if nothing exists besides getting the story finished. I’ll keep going until I literally fall asleep on the keyboard. I’ve also had other ideas that took off, stopped, was certain they were finished then all of a sudden with the completion of a completely different story, that one comes back on. It’s funny like that. LOL

RUBY: A character ‘pops’ into my brain, his/her fetish, how that can affect people, could it be turned in to a story etc. Ideas are jotted down in pencil, and then at a later date I think ‘ooh, there could be something there.’ I check with colleagues to see if they like the idea, I always get mixed answers. Some turn up their noses and some are gagging to hear more of the …saucy details.

MEG: The ideas often come out of the blue. I don’t have much say over them. I usually sit with it a day or so to see whether it’ll start to ‘run.’ When it has legs and won’t leave me alone, I start taking dictation. I often only get tiny pieces of a story. Sometimes it’s a sentence that starts it off and then I’m at the mercy of The Muses and what they have to say. Thank God!! I’ve gotten used to them leading the story now. I just to type fast and try not to let my own ego or ideas get in the way.

Do you like muscled men?

ALIX: I most definitely do! Who doesn’t want a sculptured male to gaze at? Okay, okay, so I would also be drooling, but that wasn’t the question. 

MIKEY: I just like men. Muscles or no.
KAY DEE: Not too muscly – just enough to know he’s strong: )

MEG: No. LOL. I really don’t like muscle bound, hairy men. Partly too, on the muscles, I suspect it’s because I’m a New Zealander. Culturally we don’t do the ‘body beautiful’ thing that’s prevalent here in the States. I like my men ‘normal.’ I don’t like the hard planes that muscles produce. I suppose though I do like a firm back and shoulders. I do find that sexy. But I have a thing for shoulders.

IONA: Muscular but not musclebound if that makes sense.

RUBY: Er, sorry guys, natural muscle only for me. Although I think the WWF kinda guys are cute, I prefer skinny, with a little cuddly tummy I can stroke.

What’s the biggest turn off in a lover?

ALIX: Someone who doesn’t take proper care of themselves. By that I mean, those who don’t have good hygiene.

MEG: A bad kisser, too much slobber, closed mouth, too fast. Ugh. Or the jabbing tongue. Eek. Men who don't have a clue how to bring a woman to orgasm and aren't willing to learn. Men who think a penis is the only thing they need to know how to use in bed. 

MIKEY: Food in their facial hair.

KAY DEE: When he doesn’t share his emotions verbally with me – it ends up being a one-sided communication that feels more like a rejection.

IONA: Someone who isn't working on the same mental plane as you.

RUBY: Pubes. Smoking.

What’s the biggest turn on in a lover?

ALIX: One who shares my soul. :-)

MIKEY: An erection and no food in their facial. (Meg: LOL. Jesus Mike)

MEG: A good kisser, someone who is very sensuous, but passionate. A man with a gentle touch and knows how to not rub a clitoris raw. 

KAY DEE: Words of love…simple touching, shows of affection.

IONA: Somebody who is in the same mental place as you. It all starts in the head.

RUBY: Age and maturity.

Do you experiment with those sex scenes you create, or strictly use your imagination?

MIKEY: Anything is viable, just got to Rubic it around until it makes sense.

KAY DEE: I’d like to say I’ve experience a good portion of what I write *LOL* But it’s pretty much my wild imagination and I use it to full capacity when writing those love scenes.

ALIX: Most times. There are certain scenes I can’t enact myself, due to past experiences, that doesn’t stop me from asking friends and others about theirs. Trust me, I’ve heard people whisper behind their hands about being placed in my books. Other times I have to use my imagination, because, well, fantasy just does not exist in our world. LOL

RUBY: Simply both!  It could go ‘Darling, I have an idea, could we try…’  and I either get ‘do I have to?’ or ‘is that idea for real’ and the answers are,  “yes, you have to, it’s a tough job I know’ and ‘ yes in supernatural land, anything is real, does it sound horny though?’

MEG: It depends. I don’t have anyone to experiment on at the moment. So it’s either stuff from past partners, or I imagine it in my mind. If I had someone here though, I WOULD experiment on them. LOL.

How do you like your steak? 

IONA: Medium. I've no issues with a wee bit of blood!

KAY DEE: Medium-well and smothered in mushrooms :-) 

ALIX: Medium to well done. I’m not a fan of raw meat. Just not appealing and with my imagination it’s not hard to take that final leap into “OMG” and it’s all over. Don’t want it screaming at me. Just sayin’... LOL

RUBY: Is steak another word for cock Or real steak? (Meg: LOL. Jesus Ruby! LOL)

MEG: Medium to well done. No pink showing. Apparently people find this tough, but I’ve always eaten it this way, so it tastes fine to me. LOL. Although I do apologize to chef in a restaurant. And I like it with a sauce of some kind. A wine reduction, parmesan crust, French cream, mushroom, anything really… gravy and sauce… yum…

How do you weave reality into the fiction you create? Do you take from real-life events/happenings? Real people and interactions?

MIKEY: Real life. Mine and others. Specific events may be made up, or taken from headlines and then modified to fit my world, but emotionally I put in a lot of my own experiences. Especially pertaining to some of the darker aspects of my characters world.

KAY DEE: It’s a little of many circumstances - my personal experiences, things I’ve seen at the movies or on TV, stuff I’ve read, or what I’ve picked up from people I know.

ALIX: I do all of it. I enjoy the weave of fantasy into reality. Making it possible for the reader to actually believe it happened, or could have. I use real-life events and happenings. Both on the personal and public stage. It makes the pieces seem more realistic to me. Real people and their interactions are also a must. It really brings the realistic twist into what I’m trying to create. I truly enjoy seeing if my outcome is different from what happened in reality. :-) 

RUBY: I use past/present/future life and my own experiences. Work colleagues and friends experiences. More interesting than that are perhaps the incidentals, a wave, a smile, a touch, a comment, even snippets from conversations; or even inanimate objects. Those from my dreams, are recalled and transferred into notes, although the majority of these divine/spirit interactions are for stories not yet written.

MEG: Yes, I write from a large data base of my own life’s experiences. Anything could end up in there, from a look, gesture, entire event, a particular person, a dialogue. I describe a scene with a Greek flatmate in Saint Nicholas and the cookies his mum used to send him. That was word for word how it used to go every week. LOL. You can’t make some of this stuff up! :-)

What did you eat for breakfast? 

IONA: Porridge. It might be a cliché for us Scots but it has loads of fibre and low GI which keeps me going all morning

KAY DEE: Egg scramble – with asparagus and sharp cheddar.

ALIX: Haven’t ever been a breakfast person as I’m not usually awake. But when I am (like on vacation visiting family) I’ll do the eggs, bacon, sausage, hash browns, French toast, juice, pancakes, coffee...you know, all the usual food. :-) 

RUBY: Mikey, you’ll like this, always start my day with a good cocksucking… followed by breakfast and a milky day; can’t start it without a good feed.

MEG: I’m not generally up for breakfast. And rarely eat when I first get up. I can’t cope with food first thing. On holiday though when I’m up early and traveling, I’ll eat a full English breakfast. Bacon, poached eggs, baked beans, black or white sausage, proper English sausages, fried bread with a large pot of Earl Grey Tea and pure cream. Yummm.

What is your favorite cuisine? 

IONA: Thai food.

MIKEY: Southern. British comfort food like bangers and mash. Liver and onions, cooked right.

KAY DEE: Man, I really lead a sheltered life…it’s nothing fancy…my husband’s smoked chicken, it melts in my mouth: )

ALIX: Italian and Mexican. I’m a sucker for good pasta and spices that make my eyes water and nose run. Bet that’s a pretty picture you have now. LOL :-)

RUBY: Nouvelle cuisine. You don’t get much and pay a fortune for the privilege.

MEG: French, then the ethnic ones like Afghani, Indian, Burmese, Hawaiian Fusion.

How do you get into your writer’s mindset? 

MIKEY: Close the door, shut out the world, grab a drink and just fucking write. I'm generally naked, a drink next to me, and now a hot pink vapor cig clenched between my teeth (since I quit smoking). I used to smoke pink cigarettes. On occasion, I'll have a cigar.

KAY DEE: First, I have to know I’m going to have some hours of uninterrupted time…when my mind has plenty of time to sink into writing mode. I can’t have any distractions…it’s too easy for me to go “empty.” I set an area up with a drink, soft music, a scented candle…maybe do a short meditation of intention and roll from there.

ALIX: I breathe, light candles and find the right playlist. Sometimes I’ll even go for a walk or annoying my kids a moment before I settle down to write. Annoying the kids is to keep them from getting at me once I start writing. LOL Sometimes I’ll even veg out for a few hours with them to empty my head of all the junk I’ve collected. Clear my mind. :-)

RUBY: Wow, that’s a hard one. I’m so hyper that sitting down to type a word doc, is more difficult than getting ideas or into mindset. I suppose I read a couple chapters from any book I randomly select, that includes dictionaries, thesaurus, and fiction; close the book, sit in the lounge and sup a hot blackcurrant, munch on a box of choc and just type. I may ask to have an ankle brace fitted and tied to the table, so I can’t move and Daddy (age related fetish please note) may have to pamper his little girl whilst she works hehe

MEG: I do a visualization every day that’s not related to writing and the story often keeps popping in pieces of what’s coming next while I visualize. I also pour a Bacardi and diet coke, so that my brain is switched off from its straight and linear course and on the creative track. I’ll start a sentence wherever I am in the scene that I can see in my mind. It might be half way through or at the end. I write what is running ‘hot’ at the time, otherwise I miss stuff. I go back and fill around the main scene later.

Are you in the closet as an erotica writer, or balls to the wall open?

MIKEY: Everyone knows what I do. No closet here in terms of what I write.

KAY DEE: I use a pseudonym, although most of my family and friends know, I keep it away from them. I love what I do, but I don’t wish to offend anyone…most especially my family :-) And some do find it offensive.

ALIX: Not really closet. I don’t throw it about, but I also don’t hide it either. When people ask what I do, I tell them honestly. Either the conversations end there (a lot of times it does, lol) or I find a new friend. I’m not ashamed of writing erotic/a, if anything I’m free, happy and at peace. Which is a huge plus in my book. :-) 

RUBY: I was advised to be a closet girl – am I a girl?
Everyone in UK is backward when it comes to sex, come on folks everyone knows that. Maybe one day, we will be able to mention the word and the stiff upper Brit lip will quiver with excitement not stand erect with angst.

MEG: I’m open. I write under my own name and like what I do. I have no problems telling people what I write. Generally people are intrigued and fascinated by it. If anyone has had a funny reaction, I’ve never struck it.

How many tattoos do you have? 

IONA: One - a youthful experiment somewhere you won't ever see!

MIKEY: Lots… too many to catalog :-)

KAY DEE: Zippety do da day – but I’m not against themJ

ALIX: Two and plan for more...a LOT more. LOL :-)

RUBY: None, am not that trendy. I’m a therapist, I wouldn’t dream of desecrating my body, and skin is a sensual organ.

MEG: None. I have a pain threshold of -500 and while I’m used to seeing them more now, they’re not something I’ve ever hankered for

Wishing everyone Happy Holidays across the globe. 






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  1. Love this blog, ladies!!!

    When it comes to generating ideas, I'm very similar to Kay Dee. Most of my stories bounce around in my noggin' for days, weeks, and even months. A lot of them generate during my morning walks or long commutes.

  2. BTW, when are you ladies going to come out with a sexy calendar to go along with your blogs :P

  3. Aloha Daily!! :-) Thanks for reading and the comments. :-) We appreciate it. :-)

    I love the process of writing and how we get to our story lines. I love how one thing can spark a whole story.

    LOL.. on the calendar. We've been asked that by someone else. :-) Mikey and I were thinking we could do a version of Robert Palmer and his sexy santa ladies. She could play Robert Palmer, when he was done by Bill Nighy in Love Actually... LOL...

    It would be a hell of a lot of fun!! :-)

    Thanks Daily!! Aloha Meg :-)

  4. Hi Daily Hollow...love the handle: ) Thanks so much for stopping in and checking out the interviews - love these ladies...so fun: ) I got very lucky when I jumped on board this wild train of crazy fun authors:)