Friday, June 20, 2014

Meg Amor ~ Interview ~ Romance Erotica Writer ~ PART 2 ~ Blog Chat Questions!!!

Aloha everyone! Today I'm putting up the second part of the Blog Chat interview we did on Tuesday. MEG AMOR ~ Romance Erotica Writer. There are a list of interesting and fun questions the authors are being asked. Not all my readers made it over there on Tuesday, so I'm posting the answers on here all week as well.
Thanks to all the readers who have been popping in and reading each week! I really appreciate you all. :-) If you ever want to catch up during the week on other things, I'm always over at The Lush and Blush Club on FB.
What do you enjoy reading the most in terms of romance erotica? Do you write what you like to read?  

I love the m/m, ménage and that’s what I write too. Although, I mostly write committed troika or ménage relationships with my three main characters. If I’m not writing about them though, I write m/f. Let’s face it. I like it all. LOL. I love romance and sex. I think they’re a normal healthy part of life. To be celebrated…  

How has your background influenced your work?
I’m a therapist by trade. And you’ll see that interspersed through my books in various ways. I want to know the deeper reasons people do what they do. I love knowing people’s inner thoughts and feelings. My characters tend to reflect my own need for that.

Favorite television program?

I don’t watch TV much, but when I do, I love Dancing With The Stars, Longmire, Hawaii 50, Blue Bloods, Modern Family, The Amazing Race. I don’t know if I could pick a favourite

Brunch or late night supper?  
Ooh, tough one. I do love a good brunch. I could eat breakfast type food all day long. Brunch then. LOL.         

Favorite restaurant in the world? Best dish?   
Alan Wong’s ~ The Restaurant. Out of Honolulu on Oahu. Perfect fusion food, gorgeous elegant setting ~ 5 star. Just fabulous! Favorite dish? Also, a hard question. They have a tasting menu which I always get and it’s all superb. I do love their ‘soup and sandwich.’ And their fish dishes… And their chocolate crunch bars… Hmmm… I LOVE IT ALL. LOL. Oh, and their Bully’s Pineapple Martinis. Gorgeous.

Alan Wong's Soup and Sandwich

Alan Wong's Haupia Dessert shaped like a coconut 

Do you read much mainstream fiction? 

Yes, I do. Although since I’ve been writing full time, I find I’m not reading as much. Also my husband died earlier this year and that’s zapped my concentration badly. I can’t settle with a book to relax, the way I used to. It’ll come back… It’s just not there at the moment.

What hair or skin coloring attracts you most or do you use in your books?
I have a real thing for dusky skinned men. So beautiful. And I like black hair on men. Lots of it. I hate number one cuts on men. I think they look disgusting. My heroine always has red hair though. J I love being a redhead myself.

Do you like jewelry on men?
Love it! I’m very partial to earrings on men. One, two, one ear, two ears, I don’t mind. I just love earrings in men. I like my men more ‘metro.’ I find it very sexy and sensuous. I also like bracelets, necklaces, rings. It’s all appealing. I don’t like piercings though.

What writer/writers have influenced your own writing style?  
Undoubtedly, Noel Barber is one of my biggest influences. He wrote wonderful sweeping sagas. His characters enthralled me, his settling took me away. He was the most beautiful writer. I've had a copy of Tanamera ~ his saga set in Singapore since I lived there at eighteen. I read it every year and still absolutely love it. I get just as caught up in the life of the Dexters then, as I do now. Now THAT’S a great writer when a book stays with you!

Are you a plotter or pantser? Do you rely on the ‘Muses’ to write?  
Complete pantser. LOL. I rely heavily on the Muses, who have been away in the Bahamas for the last six months! Little buggers! I included what they do in my latest short story…
Usually they turn up out of the blue, noisy and fervent. They slam into my brain, toss their tennis rackets in the corner, saying, “Gosh, that was jolly hot work, let me get a drink, then I’ll sit down and tell you a story.”
I generally just type like a mad woman as they talk. Then abruptly they stop. I’ll look up from my keyboard and hours have literally gone past.
I described my process to Matthew Peters, a fellow Muse writer. It’s like doing a giant jigsaw puzzle for me. I have a rough idea what the finished picture will look like. I have the outline. (although I don’t write it down per se. I have rough notes that say things like: Charlie, pocket watch, Russia?? Alex, Niki, long red hair, leather pants.) Then I start piecing it together. I write anywhere and everywhere. I might write a sex scene here, a sex scene there. I might start halfway through a scene if it’s burning hot and bright in my brain. Get a dialogue piece down while it’s running clearly. Sometimes I write the end in the middle or at the beginning.
I write down whatever the Muses have for me. Then I start the read through, cutting and pasting pieces into continuity. The flow starts and I’m off again. Like doing a jigsaw, where you group pieces of similar subject together. You tend to have bits everywhere, then all of a sudden, you go ~ ooh, hang on, that bit joins up over here. And that bit goes here. You group a few more bits. Then 5 pieces sitting out in the middle of nowhere catch your eye and you realize they join that piece and that piece. It’s a very ‘organic’ process for me. It all works out in the end. J Every so often, I write through from start to finish… but not often. 

Favorite spot in the world?       
Kekaha Kai beach on the Big Island of Hawai’i. It never fails, that I go out there and unwind every tension in my body. It’s my go to place in my mind for peace.

Least favorite spot in the world?    
Wasn't very keen on Egypt or the state of Michigan. Loved the people in Michigan, but the weather did my head in. J I nearly went completely mad out there. My good friend Kay Dee Royal is from there and one of the Lush and Blushers Alix Richards, but… that weather. NO. And Egypt’s energy felt jagged to me. I normally am not into ‘it was dirty.’ But the whole place felt like it was ‘grubby.’ I didn't enjoy Egypt as a place at all. I liked the things I saw there… but the energy of the place I disliked.    
Lace, leather or denim?       
I loved the combinations of lace and leather. Probably more lace. My winter clothes are mostly black and lots of lace. Very Victoriana. I never wear jeans. I’m a funny shape and they’re sooooooo uncomfortable. LOL.    


  1. Meg - I love hearing about you, your life, good times and not so good's all intriguing - you've had some excellent experience to add depth to your writing - like being a pilot, or the different places/cultures you've lived in, or your little the fun places you like to eat: )

    Man...someday woman, we are going to meet and hang out for a while: ) I need me some fun and I believe you are just the person that can make that happen:)

    Hugs, dear friend:)

    1. Aloha my friend. :-). Thanks Kay Dee. :-). We are definitely going to have to meet in person and have some fun together. :-). I'd love that.

      Thanks for reading and commenting. Love and hugs to you Meg. :-)