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Meg Amor ~ Interview ~ Romance Erotica Writer ~ PART 3 ~ Blog Chat Questions!!!

Aloha everyone! Today I'm putting up the third part of the Blog Chat interview we did on Tuesday. I blew up my computer and took it as a sign, I needed a break! So, I've been off for a week recuperating. Me ~ better. Computer ~ ICU. I'm hoping they don't text me with a DNR order. :-)

MEG AMOR ~ Romance Erotica Writer. There are a list of interesting and fun questions the authors are being asked. Not all my readers made it over there on Tuesday, so I'm posting the answers on here all week as well.

Thanks to all the readers who have been popping in and reading each week! I really appreciate you all. :-) If you ever want to catch up during the week on other things, I'm always over at The Lush and Blush Club on FB. 
Any odd habits or rituals when writing?

I never let a ‘hot’ scene wait. Whether that be sex, dialogue, anything that’s running through my head. I get it down ‘on paper’ NOW. If I leave it, it’s gone. It never sounds as good as when it’s running ‘hot’ through my head.

I always start my edit day with a weak Bacardi and diet Coke. It allows my ‘technical’ author to step aside and I can see what doesn’t belong there. It jumps out at me. I also write in my bed. It’s like a giant desk. LOL. Cats, food, papers, books, my scanner, vitamins… it’s all there. LOL. I really WILL have to revise this if I want a lover in my life. Or have a writing bed room!!

I also have back and forth system for edits. At the end of each day I send my story through to my Yahoo account. Then I can read it on my phone later that night. It always sounds different on the computer to reading it on my phone like a book. Then I note where it needs fixing. I get back on the computer and fix those. Then I’m off writing again.

When I’m in final edit runs, I read the story out loud to myself. This is where I catch odd words, missed words, extra words etc. When you read it in your head, your brain will automatically skip over or fill in the words that aren’t there, or shouldn’t be there. LOL. When you read it out loud, you hear them. I must have gone over Henry and Isolde 150 times in my head. Other people read it too, but nobody caught it. It wasn’t until I read it out loud that I realized I’d put ‘clique’ in, instead of ‘cliché.’ LOL. 

Favorite beverage?
Very weak Bacardi and diet coke. Or Twinnings Earl Grey tea with real cream. 

Five star restaurant or picnic?
Five star restaurant. I love eating out and I love good food. One of life’s great pleasures for me

Tell us more about your book/books and your work.
I write deep sensuous committed love stories. They just happen to have three lovers in them. Although, I sometimes start off with just a male and female.
This year I had my story DARK WAR released by Muse It Up Publishing. I took my three main characters out of their story and darkened them up slightly for an anthology. Henry and Izzy have their heart and souls entwined with Charlie, Henry’s best friend. In Henry and Isolde, we follow the three of them through Henry and Izzy’s initial relationship, the past life in WWII they all knew each other in and this lifetimes connection.
Henry’s an older black musician who falls in love with Izzy, his younger, richer, married, white New Zealander boss. He comes into his sexuality for the first time in his life with her. We follow their relationship as it grows and develops. Then, there’s Charlie… nicknamed bloody Charlie by me, because he was my rogue character.
He just wouldn’t take on the minor role I had envisioned for him. Oh no, he wanted it all! I gave him one sex scene to be going on with and thought that might quiet him down. But it just gave him an open door invitation! LOL. Now, he’s almost the strongest character in the Troika Love Series trilogy.

Here’s the blurb on them:

Henry and Isolde ~ A steamy love story, set in modern day New Orleans. Henry, an older black musician feels his life is nearing its end. Until he falls in love with Izzy, his white New Zealander, younger, richer, married boss. To his joy—she feels the same way about him. He comes into his sexuality for the first time in his life. But will Izzy leave her husband? And how does Henry's best friend Charlie fit into their lives? It's complicated...

The Chi Circle ~ Charlie comes back early from seeing Mea in New Zealand. It's not working, why? Because he's in love with someone else. Well...two someone's actually. But do his best friends have any idea how he feels? Is this a one sided frustrated fantasy? Or is it possible, they feel the same way? Follow the CHI - Charlie, Henry and Izzy, as their life takes them from Hawaii to New Orleans and France. Where they discover a lifetime just after World War I in Paris—two Russian émigrés cousins and a young Frenchman become lovers.

The Flame Still Burns ~ Life has settled into a happy easy rhythm for the three lovers. Charlie's Club is sold and they are getting ready to go to France, to research the Russian/French lifetime, when there's a knock at the door. Standing on the doorstep is a kid from a rough neighborhood of New Orleans—the spitting image of Charlie. How will they cope with Alex, who twangs at their heart strings? When he gets shot after a gangland shooting, they take him to France, where they unravel the rest of the French lifetime, they're all involved in.

Do you like muscly men?
Eek… NO. I find that a turn off. I think it’s my culture. We don’t really do the ‘body beautiful’ in New Zealand per se. I find those hard planes under my hand rather unpleasant. I like skin and flesh that has a little bit of yield to it. The soft and hard combination. Not all the hardness, save that for somewhere else. J

See, NZ men. Not all buffed and muscly. Just normal. :-)

Do you like curvy women?

Oh yes… I love curvy women. I think we’re supposed to be curvy. We’re women! And talk to most men… they do too! Think about the sex goddesses and pinup girls from the 40’s. Sirens going out into the night… Gorgeous.

Who is the favourite of your characters and why?
Ohh, tough question. I love them all. I probably love Charlie the most. He’s my most vulnerable, the most complex in some ways. Mr Toughie charismatic man about town, but underneath he’s a seething jumble of insecurities, fear, desire and emotions. He’s the character that most represents where I want myself to be my life. As Charlie goes through his things, I unfold with him. He’s the most fiery and passionate, the deepest thinker. The most hurt in many ways. He makes you love him.

He's got a wee bit of Smokey Robinsons eyes to him my Charlie, but different hair .

Do you like men with facial hair?
No…Although I make an exception for Morgan Freeman and Tom Sellack. LOL.

I love this man. He's such an unusual person.

How did you get some of your titles for your books?  
DARK WAR came about because we had to have the word dark in the title as part of Muse anthology, Wild Darkness Calls. This was about Charlie’s Dark War within himself he battles. Most of titles just pop in ‘out of the nowhere.’ I rarely have to agonize over a title ~ thank god! LOL

HENRY AND ISOLDE is from an ancient intense love story that’s been told many times and has a lot of complexity to it. 
Book two of the trilogy is called THE CHI CIRCLE. It’s from the names of the characters, Charlie, Henry and Izzy. It relates to the interconnected circles that overlap between them through time. And the balance of their lives and energy between them, like the Chi, Yin Yang symbol.
The third book in the Troika Love Series is THE FLAME STILL BURNS. From a song that Jimmy Nail sang in the film Still Crazy. It relates to their connection through many lifetimes. The flame never burns out for them. Lifetime after lifetime they’re drawn back to each other.
I coined the term Troika in relationship to my love stories, because they are ménages, BUT they’re equal lovers, partners and friends. Troika is a Russian word that means 3 equal things. They have the troika sleighs pulled a team of three horses side by side. They also have a troika dance. My lovers are in a committed love relationship with each other. 

When you enjoy a book you’re reading, do you read fast or slow? Do you ever read the end first? 
I often read the end first. LOL. Sometimes I just HAVE to know it’s all going to be okay. I like HEA – happily every after. Then I can relax and read the book slower, so even if something ghastly happens, I know it’ll be okay in the end. LOL. I read fast until I near the end… then I slow it down, so I can savor it and it won’t end too soon. J

What’s the biggest turn off in a lover?

When there appears to be no discernable brain activity. Okay, I probably wouldn’t end up in bed with someone who was not very bright. LOL. A bad kisser will turn me off. Too sloppy, wet, slobbery, UGH… Yuk. That just kills the whole thing for me.

What’s the biggest turn on in a lover?

Good kisser!!! Someone who wants to pleasure me. And someone who wants me to pleasure them. Lovely. 

Do you collect pictures of people who represent your characters or pictures of things in your books?

Yes, I do. I have images of Henry, Izzy and Charlie. Henry reminds me of Morgan Freeman. Charlie has a look of Smokey Robinson to his eyes. And Izzy is remarkably like me. LOL. I also love to research bits and pieces for the books. Then collect the piccies. I have folders of things I’ve used in the books. The big old Grand Dame, Garden District house in New Orleans for Henry and Isolde. The bracelet Henry has made for Izzy. Dresses and hats Izzy loves to wear. I’ve just ‘discovered’ Pinterest… oh no… another thing to amuse to Bower Bird mind. Oooh, look, bright shiny picture, must have! LOL
But I enjoy finding piccies of things they use, or do. Henry and Izzy give Miss Isadora miniature silver pieces. And I found a piece on eBay of a wine barrel made by the Russian silversmith Vladimir Matuskovsky. I’d also made up tiny knives and forks. Later, I discovered that Vladimir’s son Greg actually makes them!! They’re gorgeous. And he also makes the miniature samovars which I would kill for! Henry gives one to Miss Isadora for Christmas, but the scene got cut due to WC. Bugger!! I put the piccies up on my website www.troikaromance.com And on Pinterest if anyone wants to have a look at everything. I’m on there under Meg Amor, the big hot pink plumeria. 

Miniature silver samovar and wine barrell by Greg and Vladimir Matuskovsky

Hairy chest or no?

No… doesn’t do it for me. I like the black men with their smooth chests. Yummmm.

What country captures your imagination the most and why?

Russia. I’ve always had a deep love of Russian culture, the people, places. A friend recently put up picture of her visit to The Hermitage and Onion Domed Church in St Petersburg. Just riveting. I felt utter peace looking at the inside piccies of the church. I’m spiritual but not religious. Yet, this place filled me with utter peace. It’s a past life, I know. I have a lifetime in Chi and Flame with my guys. I’m desperate to own a Samovar too. The Russian water kettles… Soon, I will get one. J I love the sounds of the Russian accent, the tilt in the eyes of its people. The exotic nature, the red haired Russians… the list goes on. 

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