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Meg Amor ~ Interview ~ Romance Erotica Writer ~ Blog Chat Questions!!!

Aloha everyone! Today I am interviewing myself MEG AMOR ~ Romance Erotica Writer. LOL. I know, it's a wee bit dopey but I'm part of a blog chat on Tuesday this week. There are a list of interesting and fun questions the authors are being asked. Not all my readers can make it over there on Tuesday, so I'm posting the answers on here all week as well.

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Please tell us a little about yourself and where you're from? 3 things most people don’t know about you
I’m a romance erotica writer who writes steamy sultry deep love stories. I like romance and I want the explicit sex scenes as well in a book. I hate reading… and his zipper came down… Wow, that was the most amazing sex I’ve ever had in my life. Oy!! Where’s the yummy bit in the middle? I’ve been robbed! LOL. I think that love and sex, friendship and laughter are what it’s all about in relationships and I want my books to reflect that.
I’m a New Zealander born and bred, but have lived in the States on and off for 20 years. My home state is Hawai’i, I live in Kona on the Big Island when I'm there. I’m a real islander at heart. J Take me away from the smell of the sea and I go slightly bonkers. Hence, my sojourn in Modesto, CA is currently driving me a wee bit nuts. J I’m heading home (another home for me, I hope…) to New Orleans soon to live. All my books are set in that gorgeous soulful sultry city.
3 things you might not know about me:
I hate conventionality. I feel it’s my job in life to buck against the system and question authority. J
I have a great rollicking laugh I got from my mum. I often end up snorting ~ literally ~ with laughter.
Despite my unconventional demeanor, I have a great love of old traditions like roses, tea gardens, tea rooms and genealogy. My ideal house would have a tea room with all my beautiful chintz china laid out, flowery rose wallpaper, table cloths, silver and crystal, just ready for an afternoon tea party.

'Royalty' pattern ~ Chintz China, stacking teapot, cup and creamer

'Sweet Pea' Chintz China - Side plate, cup and saucer set
How long have you been writing?

Since I was a little kid. I wrote and ‘published’ my first book My Life when I was eleven about my parents divorce, complete with pictures. (I’m still doing that I realize with these blogs.) LOL.

Biggest non physical turn on in a lover i.e. brain, sense of humor, kind nature etc.

Their brain, kindness and caring, a gentleness of spirit.

What is your genre/s? Why do you write in these genres?

My genre is romance erotica. I write deep emotional love stories with steamy explicit sex. I usually weave in a past life to my stories, taken from my own past lives. I’ve always been fascinated by people’s love stories and reincarnation. It’s a natural combination for me. I write some m/f, but my main books in the Troika Love Series are m/m/f. It’s a committed troika or poly love story between Henry, Izzy and Charlie ~ three hearts entwined.

Russian Troika ~ Troika means 3 equal things. It's also a passionate Russian dance.

How do you find people generally react when you tell them what you write?
I’ve never had a negative reaction. Most people are absolutely fascinated. I think, like me, people are just generally fascinated by writers. It’s still one of those romantic professions to people. And I still find it a romantic way of life myself. I love it and I love what I write. I think because I accept it as a normal thing, other people do too.

What is something you’ve always wanted to do but haven’t tried yet?

The gorgeous tough as guts B-17 flying fortress bomber
Fly in a B-17 flying fortress or a Lancaster bomber. (I haven’t done it in this lifetime!)

 Do you try and incorporate local things into your books – accents, food, drink etc. Are you in love with one locale?  

Yes, as often as possible. I think it gives such a feeling of intimacy in a book. You feel like you’re THERE. Noel Barber, one of my favorite authors always set his books in fabulous locales. And you could FEEL France, Singapore, the South Sea Islands, or Egypt when he wrote. They entranced me. I set most of my stories in New Orleans, a city that has captured my heart and soul.

French Quarter - New Orleans

Sexy or sensible underwear?  

Sexy! I only wear black sheer or lacy panties. And my bras are all Simone Perele, in the French line. Ultra comfortable and sooooooo pretty. Very sexy. I love wearing them. I always feel sensuous.

Simone Perele ~ French line. I have that green and orange bra... love it
Are your sex scenes explicit or fade to black?

Oh, explicit. LOL. I hate fade to black. I always feel utterly robbed and bereft. J I want the lovely sensuous details.

Do you enjoy writing the sex scenes?
Love them. I like being caught up in the imagery and feel of the scenes. I hope my readers will experience the gorgeous emotions and sensations I feel when I write them!
Best dessert ever  eaten?  
Crème brulee always. My national dessert The Pavlova, a meringue marshmallowy ‘cake.’ Filled with whipped cream, fresh strawberries and Kiwifruit. Yummm. Perhaps hands down, the Chocolate Crunch Bars Alan Wong's makes.

New Zealand's national dessert - The Pavlova. Also known as 'A Pav'

Alan Wong's Chocolate Crunch Bars. I don't like chocolate much but these are heavenly
What’s your take on romance erotica versus porn or stroke?

Hate stroke. Bores me to tears. I want the romance, the love between the characters to come through. Sex without emotions just leaves me cold. That’s why I’m very specific when I say I write romance erotica, not porn.

What are the things that annoy you most about sex scenes?
When the scenes are couched in so much purple prose, I wonder if they’re decorating a cake. Give me the real words or the sexy words… that’s all part of the deliciousness of making love for me. But not the C word. Can’t STAND that word. In my country it’s worse than fuck. If you call someone the C word, it’s about the worst thing you can say to someone. So I NEVER use it in a sex scene.  
Male hero alive or dead you’d most like to meet?
I’d love to meet Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., he’s one of my heroes. I’d also love to meet Sir Richard Branson, what a livewire of a person!! He’s amazing!

Sir Richard Branson ~ Love this man! He's fabulous

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. ~ He was shot down in cold blood at the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, TN on my birthday 4 April 1968. I was 5 years old.

Female heroine alive or dead you’d most like to meet?
Amelia Earhart. A woman who came up through a tough era of women’s history. She was a pilot when being a one was still not really ‘the done thing.’ Very gutsy, her own person. 

Amelia Earhart ~ One of the women pilots that influenced me as a pilot.


  1. Loved finding out more about you, Meg, and your photos are brilliant, as always! I so envy you all the travelling you've done in the US, and I'd especially love to go to New Orleans. Fabulous setting for romance!

    1. Aloha Helena. :-)

      I appreciate you reading and commenting. I love piccies with writing. :-). I was a photographer in a former past. And I love to travel. I was building a travel stock portfolio at one point in my life. Although it's only on the RV USA I use all my own photos. Thanks and aloha. Meg. :-) ps. Thanks on New Orleans. It just has such a sultry soul that city. :-)

  2. This is great, Meg. You help so many others it is nice to finally read more about you! I'm interested to know why you are so drawn to New Orleans.

    1. Aloha Matt :-).

      Thanks so much for reading and commenting as always. :-). I appreciate it.

      I'm just drawn to the sultriness and soul feel of New Orleans. I love the french influence on the city. I love French things. But most of it undefinable. There's a soul pull to the city. The people. I love the idea if walking down the street and Someone can smile and say hey baby. And it's a wa surprise. A joyous brief flirtation. I love the South. The steam. The heat. I want to be in a place that is less conventional. More open. Has spirit. Hard to explain. :-). Thanks and aloha Meg. :-)

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  4. Aloha Meg! I wish you all the best because I think you are a lovely person, full of love, life, and vitality, and positive energy! People like you don't come along every day!

    Saying that, I don't read erotica, but I support you as a person, Meg, And I hope you do well with your writing.

    I, too, love tea parties. I told a couple of my friends this past week, that I want to have an afternoon tea in my backyard, complete with flowers, goodies, and that they have to dress You and I may be kindred spirits.

    Best wishes, Meg to you always and for your novels.

    Aloha, Susan

    1. Aloha Susan! Thanks so much for reading and commenting. :-) Ohh than ks for the lovely compliments, I appreciate them so much. :-) I love your energy too Susan! I think I'd like to sit down and have a glass of wine with you one of these days :-)

      That's okay on the romance erotica Susan. It's not for everyone. But I appreciate your support nonetheless. :-) It's lovely.

      Oooh... you love tea parties!! Yes, we have to have one at some point. I always insist on people wearing hats at mine. I have a stack of gorgeous hats to choose from. We ARE kindred spirits I feel. Quite a few things we click on. :-) I love dressing up. I like long frocks and hats... I've been known to wear gloves... :-) I love a proper afternoon tea with all the gear and hats... So wonderful. I always serve champagne at mine as well... Does that work for you? Sometimes Mimosas. :-)

      Thanks on the best wishes Susan. You too!! Go and check out Susan's lovely cozy everyone. The Ginseng Conspiracy!! It's a great read.

      Thanks and aloha Meg :-)

  5. Very interesting. Learned some new terms. Well, not quite What's stroke and mff

    1. Aloha Suzanne. Thanks so much for reading and stopping by to comment. I appreciate it. :)

      Ohh okay, on the terms. Stroke in the the industry refers to porn stories. Where there is nothing but a sex scene in the story. No emotions or relationship. No interacting really.. just sex. I hate them...

      And we have to denote our work so people know what they're getting into. People have different things they like. You'll get different gender combinations. m/f is male/female. m/m/f is male/male/female etc. m/m -male/male. Believe it or not, the people who read the most m/m or m/m/f combinations are actually women! :-) They're the biggest audience. LOL.

      It's a lot of fun to write and I write very intense love stories. So half the time, even the people who don't want anything but m/f, will like the stories because they fall in love with the characters and root for them. :-) Which is lovely.

      Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate you coming over.

      Aloha Meg :-)