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Celebrating with author H K Carlton ~ her new paranormal erotica romance series!!!

Aloha, Meg, thank you so much for having me as a guest today!

Aloha H K Carlton!! So good to have you here and congrats on your new release!! Hands H K a champagne to celebrate and a couple of tasty wee whore derves as my dad calls them. Always exciting. :-) 


Today H K is going to talk us through how she came up with her new series about to be born. It's a question we get asked a lot as writers. Where do you get your ideas from? 

An invite, an idea, a series is born.

The story I’m here to talk about today started with an invite from my lovely editor, Susan, at MuseItUp Publishing. MuseItHot was about to launch a whole new imprint and since I like to write sexy stories along with a whole lot of other stuff, she sent me the submission guidelines.

Up until that point, I’d only penned historical romance for MIU. The specs were simple enough. Paranormal Erotic Romance, short stories, with ‘Dark’ in the title. Erotic romance I can do. Short story? Bites fingernails. I’m awfully wordy. Hmmm.

And then there was the paranormal aspect? I wasn’t sure. The closest I’d come to anything like that was a time-travel story which I really enjoyed creating. I wasn’t sure if I could do it, but I didn’t want to let her down and really wanted to work with Susan again. And for some reason, when it comes to writing, I love a challenge (challenges in real life, not-so-much).

A couple of my stories began from testing myself. I just wanted to see if I could do it. My first test a male/male story. And my second was ménage. I decided that if I could get them accepted, then my venture was successful. They have both been published. And I even wrote a sequel to the first ménage story, which has also been published. But could I do paranormal. What did I have to lose?

Where to begin? First of all, I had to decide what paranormal entailed for me? Scary, creepy, spine-tingling or downright horror? And when does it stop being paranormal and cross into horror? Oh the questions of being a novice again.

[By this time, churning in my head was something my dad used to say to me when I was afraid of the dark: There’s nothing there in the dark that isn’t there in the daytime. (This was actually the original tag line for the first book) Luckily back then, I didn’t realize how completely untrue and misleading this saying really is but it helped at the time.]

What do readers of paranormal prefer to read—ghosts, vamps, shifters? Or some other kind of being?

Then came setting? Where, what, who…

Different eras? Alternate dimensions? So many options.

And I also had to cover the sexy romance part as well.

So I start with a couple. A couple doing what? I closed my eyes and my female character was walking through a darkened hallway. The back of my neck actually started to tingle. I thought that was a good sign. She’s on edge, not quite scared but anxious. Tense. What’s up ahead? Door creaks. She jumps, a man appears but only for a split second. I could work with that.

Right around that time, those ghost hunter adventure type shows were everywhere, so I put my characters in a house purported to have supernatural activity and I that’s where the actual writing began. I wrote Meet Me in the Dark rather quickly. I was quite pleased with myself. But once I got to the end, and this happens to me a lot, I realized I could go on into a second book. There was more to the story. But the imprint was looking for stand alones. Right?

I messaged my editor and said good news bad news. Good news I wrote a story for the Wild Darkness Calls themed stories. Bad news it’s not a short story, it’s over the word count. She replied, how much? We can do a prequel/sequel or a trilogy of short stories. Send me what you have.

Excitement! I sent the first story while working on the second. She loved it. Send what you have when you finish.

Cue the runaway massive snowball careening down the ski hill!

Book three turned into four and…oh, sheee, damn it, Susan, I don’t write short stories! Nor do I stick to genre. This series of seven, yes, I said, seven (hangs head) also incorporates some of the genres that I love to read and write. So much for a one op short story.

I don’t want to give too much away with the first book just coming out but this series is truly an ongoing saga involving several generations of characters. The tale begins with Meet Me in the Dark and a haunted house in the U.S. and eventually sweeps us to one of the most haunted castles in Ireland, in an unsettling and at times horrific saga with many twists and turns that I hope will keep readers not only guessing but intrigued to the very end.

Needless to say, my beloved editor unleashed the beast and I thank her for it. ;)


Possession is nine tenths lust

Crishtin Davenport thought she was attending a simple Halloween eventA good scare to get the blood pumping. But instead she finds her pulse racing over one of the event’s organizers.

Josh Hewes loves nothing more than investigating paranormal activity, but after meeting Crishtin the only thing he wants to explore is her.

However, getting to know one another takes an unexpected turn when some randy spirits get in on the act.

Crish and Josh are inexplicably drawn into a heady web of desire and want nothing more than to possess each other. But they’re not the only ones.

Be careful what you invite in to play

 Meet Me in the Dark

is on sale now at a pre-order price of .99¢

(Lustful Possession Series Book One)

1-Click @ Amazon

Expected release dates in the series:

March 2015 - Book Two in the Lustful Possession Series 
 Dark Foursome

April 2015 - Book Three - The Dark Son: The Fall of Cairnnon Castle 

May/June - Book Four – Rising from the Darkness


July/August - Book Five – Dark Seed

Sept./October - Book Six – Bending Darkness 

Nov/Dec. - Book Seven – Conclusion of the Lustful Possession Series – Dark Defeat 

I hope you'll join me on this sexy creepy journey as I tackle paranormal for the first time as a writer.

Be Careful What You Invite in to Play...

About the Author:

H K Carlton is a multi-published Canadian author of romance and its varied sub-genres including contemporary, paranormal, historical, saga and erotica.

I enjoy writing in many different genres. I write where the muse takes me and make no apologies for it. By now, it’s quite safe to say I will never pick just one genre and stick to it. There are just too many possibilities and stories left to tell. Today time-travel, tomorrow sweet historical romance—the next release might be, down and dirty erotica or ménage. I hope you’ll join me for the ride. 

Variety is creativity’s playground—it’s where you’ll find me.

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  1. Aloha, Meg! Thank you so much for having me as your guest today!

    1. Aloha H K! Love having you as always :-) Thanks for being here and hope the series goes really well. :-) Aloha Meg :-)

  2. I love the way you challenged yourself with this series, HK. I've only ever written contemporary romance, and the thought of attempting anything else is daunting. You've inspired me to get out of my comfort zone! Best of luck with your new project. And I love the cover and title!

    1. Thank you, Helena. Can't wait to see where stepping out of your comfort zone might take you! The sky's the limit. :)

  3. The series sounds delicious! Love the idea of the portfolio writer with fingers in many genre pies. Best of luck!

    1. Thank you so much, Iona. It's never boring, that's for sure.

  4. Oh my goodness - talk about one heck of a series - each story so different from each and yet finely weaved together - I'm a push over for ghost stories. HK - I love the series: )