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JAY GAUDETTE ~ Fantastic interview ~ male erotica writer ~ DAMN, THAT'S HOT EROTICA 2!

Aloha everyone!! Sorry it's been a while. A few technical 'issues,' but today we're back in the saddle with international man of mystery ~ Jay Gaudette ~ erotica writer and lifestyle/travel writer! (for me, that's the ultimate lifestyle, I'm a wee bit envious. :)) 
But today we're here to ask Jay some writerly and sexy questions to celebrate the Damn, that's Hot Erotica 2 ~ June 23rd to 28th 2015!!!  
So welcome Jay, People always want to know what makes erotica writers tick? Over to you :) 

What makes you write erotica? What appeals to you about it? Are you a ‘closet’ erotica writer or ‘out’ to people?

Why do I write erotica? Well, I like sex! I like talking about it. I like thinking about it. I like doing it! So, why not write about it!

No, I am not out as an erotica writer. Jay Gaudette is a pseudonym. Under my real name, I’m a published lifestyle/travel writer. I thought it would be better to keep the two endeavours separate. 

Any odd habits or rituals when writing?

I think the closest thing you’re asking about would be when I write. I live with several odd sleep disorders and I’m usually wide eyed and bushy tailed when most people are hard asleep. Heard of a morning person? Someone that wakes up around 5am or so? Ha! Slacker! I have lunch around 6am. So, my office is open at around midnight or 12:30am. That’s when I write. (Me too Jay, I don't crank up until about 11 at night. Daylight... ugh... horrible stuff!)

Do you like writing the sex scenes? Are they arousing? What are the hardest or easiest scenes to write?

Funny you mention that...While I’m certainly going to continue to write erotica, I’m also getting into more PG13/R rated works. One of the reasons is that I think that 100% erotica all the time is becoming limiting. I think it would be easier to start further on the PG13 end of the scale and ratchet up when needed, rather than start at the X-rated end and soften things for the work’s purposes. It’s like, when you write erotica you HAVE to include sex scenes. When you write PG13/R material, you don’t have to do anything.

As far as arousal goes...well...yeah, I get off on it all. But not when I’m writing; only when I’m rereading it.

And is it easy? NO! How many different ways can you say someone is fucking, was fucked, or is going to fuck?

Who is the favorite of your characters and why?

At the moment, Marie Kessel, from Tough Cookie, the third book of the Unconventional Affairs Trilogy. She’s a member of the Coast Guard and earned the nickname Tough Cookie. She smart, strong, capable, beautiful, resourceful and a badass. But her feelings for Mark, her love interest, drive her to do things that, for  such a young woman, would have seemed impossible to her earlier. 

How did you get some of your titles for your books?

Unconventional Affairs – took place at a Las Vegas convention, they had an affair, so bingo.

Tangier- the male love interest’s last name. Sounds exotic.

Tough Cookie- The heroine’s nickname.

Somethin’ Somethin’ – from a piece of dialog that happened several times in Tangier.

Porn Star Party- self-explanatory. 

When you enjoy a book you’re reading, do you read fast or slow? Do you ever read the end first? Do you flick through a book for the sexy bits?

The Earth’s tectonic plates move faster than my reading speed. I usually start at the beginning of a book, and just like music or a movie, a book has only a few pages to hook me. If I’m not hooked quick, I won’t go any further. I’m too slow a reader to drudge through something.

Do you collect pictures of people who represent your characters or pictures of things in your books?

I’m a Pinterest junkie. Here’s the link to my Unconventional Affairs cast. A few of the characters have their own boards.

What country captures your imagination the most and why?

The US, only because I’m familiar with places and things.

What parts of you are incorporated into your characters?

I think my sense of optimism and confidence. In the trilogy, one of the tropes use is this expression first uttered by the character Gina Elliott—Confidence is magic. Be confident and have faith that good things will happen.

I believe that.

Personal confidence is a theme I even use when it comes to sexual relationships. Another idea is for my lead female characters to learn this about themselves and their relationships-- There’s no other woman in the world like me, and I’m everything that you’ll ever want or need. There is no greater love for you than mine, and I’m always ready to be loved by you.


Do you like curvy women?


Do you like long hair on men or women?


What’s the biggest turn off in a lover?


What’s the biggest turn on in a lover?


Favorite body parts in a lover? What attracts you physically?

The whole package. I will say though, I woman with good posture does the trick for me.

What’s your favorite underwear on a man or woman? Do you like sexy lingerie on men or women? What kind?

On a woman—I think they’re called Boy Shorts(?)

Lingerie—not so much. Underpants (boy shorts!), tank top, bare midriff…that’s the ticket. Oh, and a woman wearing her man's dress shirt...oh my.  


Jay Gaudette is an author of a variety of erotic genres. His novels include the Unconventional Affairs Trilogy; The Unconventional Affair, Tangier and Tough Cookie—epic sagas about the kind of love and life we all aspire to. Short stories include sequels based on the trilogy, Jay Gaudette’s Friends and Lover series, and various other titles.

"The difference between porn and erotica and romance is simple -- porn is all about the physical sex act. Erotica is all about the characters, with a healthy dose of sex thrown in. Romance is all about the emotions of any relationship with some juicy bits strongly intimated. My greatest pleasure of writing these stories is not the sex; it's the people. Nothing has given me greater pleasure than creating these wonderful characters."

You can see and buy all of his titles by going to his Pinterest store.

Themes -- Optimism, confidence, liberation, mentor-ship, friendship, healthy sexuality, healthy opportunism, recognizing one's destiny and following it.

Connect with Jay

Twitter @jaygaudette123

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