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LUSTFUL POSSESSION - Amorous spirits in HK Carlton's second release of the series!!!

Aloha HK!! So nice to have you here again with us. It's always a pleasure. :) And today we've got the new release in the Lustful Possession series! Dark Foursome!! If memory serves me, this is a series of seven books so far. I love a good series. I'm always waiting for the next one to come out with barely concealed impatience, so it's grand to see another one of these books out now!! 

HK Carlton is a prolific Canadian writer who writes across many genres. I envy that ability. So tell me HK, what's happening this time to our lovers Josh and Crishtin. :)

Aloha, Meg. Thank you so much for inviting me back to share the release of Dark Foursome. This is the second book in the Lustful Possession series and picks up right where the first book, Meet Me in the Dark, left off.

Josh and Crishtin find themselves in an unexpected foursome when two randy ghosts get in on the action!

Blurb: Dark Foursome (Lustful Possession Book Two)

Is it possible for the human body to recover from supernatural possession?

That’s the question, Josh Hewes and Crishtin Davenport grapple with daily.

After being controlled by some amorous spirits during a paranormal investigation, their lives have not been their own.

In an attempt to help the apparitions “crossover” the only thing they’d been successful in doing, is allowing the souls of Miles Townshend and Shelley Smythe — two long dead individuals — to take up semi-permanent residence as their hosts and use their corporeal bodies at whim.

Josh and Crish are beginning to have feelings for one another, but to complicate matters; they are also developing affections for the insatiable phantoms who visit them nightly.

As Josh and Crish attempt to find a way to rid themselves of their bothersome visitors, normal life has to resume, and Josh having work commitments to fulfill, jets off to Ireland on yet another paranormal investigation with his colleagues.

But Josh soon discovers that mixing spiritual possession with a malevolently haunted castle can carry grave consequences.

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This erotic romance series is my first attempt at paranormal. And since the writing of this series, I am hooked on all the ghost hunter/adventure type shows. Some of them are corny and some are so downright fabricated, its laughable. And yet there are others who claim to be experts who are in way over their heads. Some things are not meant to be messed with or taunted when you have no idea what youre dealing with. Evil exists in many forms. And there is no place for ignorance when making contact with the other side.

I was looking at these old photos where spirit have shown up on film. I think it's because the process was so slow, like using a very very very slow film speed and that's why you could often see them. 

But there are a few of those shows that I give some credence to. And I have a healthy respect for things the experts cant explain. My favourite show at the moment is called The Dead Files. Its a team. A former detective and a physical medium. For the investigation they work separately and dont communicate with one another until the reveal at the end of the show, where they present their findings to the homeowners or whatever establishment has called them in for help. 

The medium, does a walk through and reveals who or what she is seeing. Meanwhile the detective does all the leg work and tracks down the history of the property. At the end they put it all together. Its quite interesting. I like the way they back up what the medium is sensing with the facts and history of the property and the people who lived or worked in the dwelling over the years. It makes the idea of haunting plausible.  

I try to convince myself that I am a big sceptic, but there are times when the experts can’t debunk certain events, and it makes me believe we are not alone. I’ve also had a couple of my own experiences which I also have no explanation for. (Meg: I'm a huge fan of these type of shows. I've had many experiences with people on the other side and it's nice to get answers to things people desperately need.)

I believe when certain events take place, a location can hold on to the essence or emotion of it. Especially if it was violent or extremely emotional. Though, I dont want to believe that souls are left behind when a person dies. I was raised in a strict religious household and even though I do not practice anymore, I still believe in a higher power. It goes against everything I was ever taught, that souls might be trapped, earth bound and suffering or worse haunting or hurting the living.

Id love to know your take on this. Do you believe in ghosts, spirits, demons, shadow people, haunting, possession? Or something else. Have you had a supernatural experience you‘d like to share? Leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of the first book in the Lustful Possession Series, Meet Me in the Dark.

Blurb: Meet Me in the Dark (Lustful Possession Book 1)

Crishtin Davenport thought she was attending a simple Halloween event—A good scare to get the blood pumping. But instead she finds her pulse racing over one of the event’s organizers.

Josh Hewes loves nothing more than investigating paranormal activity, but after meeting Crishtin the only thing he wants to explore is her.

However, getting to know one another takes an unexpected turn when some randy spirits get in on the act.

Crish and Josh are inexplicably drawn into a heady web of desire and want nothing more than to possess each other. But they’re not the only ones.

Be careful what you invite in to play…

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Excerpt: Dark Foursome (Lustful Possession #2)


Frightened by the unexpected voice, she spun around and repeatedly slapped the ghost she expected to see.

“Hey, it’s me. Stop, hitting.” Josh chuckled as she slowed the strikes.

“Oh, you asshole! You scared the shit out of me.”

“No kidding. I got that.”

“What are you doing here?” she asked, surprised to see him.

“I’m guessing the same thing you’re doing here. Trying to convince myself that they’re really gone.”

“You too?”

He pulled her into his embrace. “Yeah, me too.”

“Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Because I know how freaked out you were to begin with. I didn’t want to pile on my uncertainties, too.”

“They’re still around, Josh.”

He sighed heavily. “I’m inclined to agree. I’ve been doing some research. I found out, in this type of possession, the spirits generally choose a medium whose desires match their own. This way the host body is much more malleable and controllable, making the spirits’ desires and cravings easier to fulfill.”

“And I think they’re still in us. Somehow. How is this possible?” she asked, clinging to him.

“I don’t know. What I do know is—I fucked up.”

Crish stared up at him.

“I made a mistake, Crish. Chalk this one up to ignorance. My lack of information did this to us. Apparently, it’s one thing for a spirit to take possession of an individual without permission. It is quite another thing entirely when invited in. It would seem that comes with consequences.”

“Consequences? Is there any way to get rid of them?”

Helplessly, Josh shrugged. “I’ll find a way. I promise you, Crish, if it’s the last thing I do.”

“Oh please don’t use those words.”

“I’ll get us out of this.”

But Crish had already come to her own conclusion—Miles and Shelley weren’t going to be easy to evict.

* * * *

In the middle of the conversation, Crish slid her hand between his legs and gave his balls a firm squeeze before stroking his cock through the stiff denim.

“You don’t want to get rid of me too soon, Joshua Hewes.”

Josh tensed when he realized Shelly’d just taken complete control of Crishtin. She was the only one who called him by his full name. But the knowledge didn’t stop his traitorous cock from lengthening under her expert ministrations.

“See.” He didn’t miss the smugness in her tone. “I know that you’re enjoying Crish’s body, but even more so, you are enjoying my expertise.”

Expertise? Christ, if she kept it up, he’d be blowing his load in less than a minute. He placed his hand over hers, in an attempt to slow things down. They were out in public after all. She made his brain go to mush.

Leaning in, she rose on her tiptoes and traced her tongue around the shell of his ear, all the while tempting him with her words. “Move your hand, Joshua, let me get you off. I know you like it.”

“Please. Not here. People can see me. Er, us. Crish and I can’t do this out in the open.”

“Well, if you hadn’t burned down the Allen house I could be giving you the blowjob of your life in my very own bedroom.”

He tried his best to get his mind off his dick and listen. “I did no such thing!”

“Okay, technically, Miles did, but he used your body to do it.”

“He did what!” Josh bellowed, twisting from her grip.

“Just like I use her body to drive you to…”

“Stop!” He grabbed her hand roughly.“How about you take your husband and leave us the hell alone?”

“That’s just it, Joshua. My husband seems to have formed a strange attachment to your girlfriend. You should hear the perverted things he wants to do to her.”

“Don’t. I don’t want to hear it. Is that why I barely ever get to remember making love to her? ’Cause that motherfucker takes over?”

“Mmm.” She sidled up to him, fingering his collar while looking up at him coyly. “But you are present when I’m in charge. Now that’s worth remembering.”

She leaned in and sucked on his collar bone sending a charge of sensation right to his cock, making it throb, just thinking about the things she did to him. “Isn’t it, Joshua.

You don’t want to send me away. Be honest with yourself. Crish may not be very aware of me, but I know quite a bit about her. And you two barely have any sexual history. And she is not experienced in the least. Not compared to my background, anyway. I can drive you crazy. She will bore you to death in no time.”

“Don’t use those words. And that’s just your jealousy talking. You’re pissed off that you waited ninety years to make Miles your husband and he remained loyal to you, for what a whole thirty seconds. What a guy—as faithful to you as he was his first wife. He moved on to the next best thing as soon as it presented itself.”

“Well, I would be mighty…pissed.” She said the word slowly as if it were foreign to her vocabulary. “If it hadn’t happened to me as well. I find myself a little sweet on you too, Joshua. If only I’d met you sooner, I wouldn’t have married him.”

“Don’t give me that BS, Shelley. You don’t have feelings for me. You just wanna fuck.”

Plunking a hand on her hip, in a very un-Crish-like gesture, she said, “Hey, I’ve never had a man have a problem with that.”

“No, your problem is relating to men outside of the bedroom. Bring Crish back.”

She regarded at him coldly and her mouth turned hard. “Very well. But I’ll be seeing you later, honey. I’ve something real special in store for you.”

Just as quickly, Crish re-emerged, weaving slightly and holding her stomach as if about to throw up.

“Oh God!” She swallowed convulsively.

Wrapping his arm around her shoulder, he guided the way to their parked cars.

“Are you sure you’ll be okay to drive.”

“Yes, I’ll be fine. It’ll pass. It always does.

“It’s strange the way that it affects you, don’t you think? I mean, I don’t feel that bad when Miles leaves me. Unless…” he trailed off as the thought occurred to him. 

Perhaps Shelley did it on purpose. To get back at Crish for Miles falling for her. But Miles wasn’t the only one developing an attachment to her. If the two spirits would just fuck off and give Crish and him a chance on their own without cutting in, he could seriously see a future with her.

He watched as she drove off. This trip to Europe couldn’t have come about at a worse time. Although a part of him was psyched to go, the other half wanted to stay with Crish. They needed to figure out how to get rid of their unwanted guests.

Until then, the best way to keep Miles and Shelley at bay was for him to avoid Crish, as much as it killed him. This foursome was becoming entirely too complicated.

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  1. Thank you for having me back today, Meg!

  2. Congratulations on release, HK! I love the premise behind this story. Such an original idea! I bet writing this book was great fun. Love the cover, too, and the photos you put with this interview, Meg. Really fun interview!

    1. Thank you so much, Helena. I did have fun writing this one. It was one of those runaway ideas. Meg's pics are perfection, aren't they.
      Thanks so much for stopping.