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Great character Interview with the Stars of SAVING KANE by Michele M. Rakes

Character Interview 
         with the Stars 
         of Saving Kane 

by Michele M. Rakes 

Aloha everyone! Today we’re interviewing some fabulous men. Mikey Rakes the author with her story-stars Garrett and Kane from the wonderful new story about to be released on Tuesday August 12, 2014 with Loose Id Publishing, Saving Kane. A male/male erotic contemporary romance, the heat on this one is sizzling all around, in more ways than one. 

Firefighter turned paramedic Garrett Young rescues dancer Kane Abel after a brutal gay bashing. But Garrett’s not gay, he’s just vulnerable and broken after a call out that went wrong. And Kane doesn’t want to fall in love with his rescuer, who’s not gay. Or is he?

On top of that, there’s a sadistic gay killer stalking Kane.

It’s a complex heartfelt story that will touch your heart.

I love these characters. I’ve read all of Mikey’s stories, but this one really captures my heart. You’ll fall in love with Garrett and Kane as they try and put their shattered lives back together.

So aloha and welcome to Mikey and her guys. Let’s jump right in and ask some questions.

First question is for Kane – how did you meet Garrett? 

He saved my life after a pack of gay bashing asshole caved in my face.

What was your first feeling/thought when you met Garrett? 

He has big hands. I suppose that sounds dirty, you know…hands and feet…never mind. His hands hurt me because my jaw was broken. So not his fault, but I smacked him anyway when he tried to put an oxygen mask over my face.

And Garrett, what did you think when you first came across Kane’s body. Then later at the hospital when you got to know him more?  

I thought, this guy’s fucked up. Honestly, I was amazed he was alive. Pissed off, too. It was inhuman what was done to him, and then I had to cut on him too. Made my stomach turn. Later in the hospital, I struggled with wanting to apologize for what I had to do to save his life. We needed each other. As I got to know him, I realized he’s a good guy, and he didn’t deserve what had happened to him. I wanted to make him better.

How much of a struggle was it for you Garrett with your feelings for Amanda and Kane, clashing? 

In retrospect, I realize Amanda and I had always struggled. She wanted different things. I didn’t know what I wanted. A lot of things consumed me during that relationship, from the time we first met as freshmen in high school. We weren’t the perfect couple, but we were the number two couple mostly likely to get married. With Kane, it was simple. I liked being with him. I couldn’t think of spending of time with anyone, other than Amanda, as Kane. I thought he needed me. Amanda didn’t need me, not like I wanted.

As a former firefighter, turned paramedic, did you think that possibly your feelings were just of a rescuer, or did you really know, deep down, there was more to your feelings for Kane?  

At first, that’s all I thought they were, but then I’d get the spark of something else. I didn’t do a very good job of ignoring it and sort of put myself in a position to experience those feelings, all under the guise of caring for him as a caregiver.

What attracted you to Garrett Kane?  

A silly boy crush. Garrett was strong, handsome, and he spent his nights with me in the hospital. Hot guy syndrome. Fell stupid in love. Pfft, moron, I thought. He had a woman. So not interested in me at all. I figured he was just a nice guy. I needed a nice guy.

And Kane, what really made an impact on you with Garrett?  

PDA’S. He’s not afraid of them.

Garrett and Kane, what do you physically fear most?  

“She’s setting you up here, man. Bare your innermost.” Garrett goads Kane a bit.

“What if I don’t want too?”

“She’ll just ask the question a different way.”

“Fine. Suffocation. I’m afraid of not being able to breathe.”

“There, was that so hard?” Garrett asks.

“All right, let’s talk about fire.”

“I’d rather not, thank you. Fire isn’t my greatest fear anymore.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“I’m more afraid of losing you.”

Kane turns to me. “See, told you he’s a nice guy. Mushy, but nice.”

What do you both think about your parents?  

“As far as I’m concerned, I was hatched,” Kane says with an air of finality.

“I love my parents. Just wish things had been different with them.”

Kane, you bar-tend sometimes, but also your love is of dancing? How did you get into it and where did you learn all your moves? What do you feel when you’re dancing?  

“What do I feel when dancing…like no one else exists...”

“Dance like you just don’t care,” Garrett chuckles.

“Shoosh, you. It’s my turn. I started dancing when I was young. Mostly for cash, if you know what I mean, but I got off on it too. I love the sort of stuff I’m doing now. Real productions, not stripping.”

“She wants to know how you learned your moves,” Garrett says.

“Fucking. Dancing is a lot like sex. I get turned on by how my body moves with the music.”

“So do I.”

Garrett, if you could go back through time, what other career might you have picked other than firefighting?  

Honestly, I haven’t a clue. It’s all I ever wanted to do. Maybe pro football. I was a strong safety in high school and college for a bit. Amanda got a scholarship to a fancy dance school, so I quite college and moved her toward her dreams. She deserved it for putting up with me for so long.

Kane, I know you’re an avid reader. What kind of books really grab you?  

“Oh, he loves the bodice rippers.”

“Shut up. I like all sorts of books. From fantasy to romance. I’ll admit, I read a fair bit of my gran’s romance collection.”

“I bet you never thought a handsome hero would sweep you off your feet?” (Clearly, Garrett is needling Kane.)

“See the ego I have to put up with now? His head’s so big he can hardly get through the door.”

“I’m six five, could hardly fit through the door to begin with…hey, you should write your own book about your life as a short person.”

“I’m not the one who constantly hits his head getting into the car.”

Garrett, what was it like for you to make love to a man’s body and not a woman’s? Did it feel quite different or was it intrinsically the same, just difference shapes and smells?  

“Wow, she gets deep. Didn’t think she’d ask sex questions.”

“Don’t worry, Garrett. I’m sure she won’t laugh at you.”

“Yeah…okay. Um, well…it was like being a virgin again. Floundering incompetence, followed by this really hot guy with all this long hair I could play with as he rode me into stupidity. Truth is, I like men better. Once I got a hold of him, and wasn’t afraid I was going to snap him in two, it was awesome. I can be rougher with Kane, than Amanda. The taste and smell of a man winds me up in a way a woman doesn’t. I don’t know how to explain it…”

“Just say, I like cock.”

“No. I love cock. More to the point, I love the feel Kane’s body. Women are softer and there’s nothing wrong with that, but guys turn my crank.”

One for both of you. When did you know you could trust each other completely?  

“I don’t think there was ever a time I didn’t trust Kane.”

“Well, I feel like an ass saying this, but it took me a while to trust Garrett, but when I did, it was with every cell of my body.”

What do you all think of Mikey…does she write it like you’ve lived it, or does she place her own spin on your story? Anyone of you have any issues with the way she writes your stories? 

“She’s a total bitch. Drags out every dark moment, but then she redeems herself in the end.”

“I will admit, she makes you walk through the fire before she offers you any relief,” Garrett says. “Well, maybe she’ll give you a glass of water, but then you gotta march into the inferno.”

“Like I said, a bitch.”

“You like her, Kane.”

“Yeah, but don’t tell her.”

Quickie Quiz –

Favorite day of the year:
“Christmas.” (they say in unison.)

Favorite drink:
Kane: Oooh, I like a nice scotch or a good bourbon. If you give me Jager, I’m on the table dancing.

Garrett: I don’t drink anymore.

Favorite dessert:
Garrett: Strawberry shortcake

Kane: Crème Brule

Favorite past time:
Garrett: Football

Kane: Ogling guys in their football uniforms.

Favorite clothing to wear:
Garrett: Sweats, boxer briefs, Henley shirts

Kane: anything comfortable. I’m mostly in sweats, or dancewear.

Garrett: Yeah, he looks good in dancewear. He looks better out of it, in my opinion.

Favorite place you’d love to go:  

Garrett: My mom’s family is from Scotland. My dad’s Irish. I think I’d like to go over to see Scotland and Ireland.

Kane: I never really thought about it…went to all those places in my head as a kid reading books. There’s a fictional place I’d like to go, Arun. My favorite book growing up was Dancers of Arun. Yeah, I lived in a fantasy world as a child. If you had my childhood, you would too.

  • Length:Novel
  • ISBN:978-1-62300-279-4
  • Genre:Mystery & Suspense, LGBTTQ, Contemporary
  • Cover Artist:Syneca Featherstone

  • A twenty-something paramedic suffering from PTSD and a failing relationship with his high school sweetheart becomes embroiled in the tragic life of a young, gay man brutally beaten, raped, and left for dead.

    Kane Abel can’t help falling for his caregiver, the handsome paramedic who saves his life, but he’s resistant. The one time Kane threw caution to the wind, he was left with a wired jaw and a tracheostomy. He can’t take much more hurt. But with his attacker’s promise to return, Kane lives in a constant state of fear, and with the ever-present paramedic, arousal.

    Garrett Young struggles with the question of his sexuality, unable to get Kane out of his mind even as he fights against the demise of his long-time engagement with his girlfriend Amanda. Every day is complicated by his ongoing battle with PTSD and alcoholism, compounded by his fear for Kane’s life.

     Contact Mikey:


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