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Richard Burns ~ Fascinating In Depth Interiew - Another sizzling Muse It Hot author! :-)

Breathtaking Wales
Richard Burns interview!! He's an energetic diverse writer, with an easy style and great imagery. He writes anything from military thrillers to romance erotica, and a new Police Detective series in the works! That's quite the range and I've read his story Sweet Chocolate's First Taste. It's a lovely poignant sexual coming of age tale, well worth reading!  

Please give a warm aloha welcome to my fellow MuseItHot author ~ Richard Burns. Thanks for being here Richard and giving interesting diverse answers to my questions. He's had a rich life and I'm sure the readers will enjoy hearing about it! Aloha! :-)
Tell our readers a wee bit about yourself. What are 5 things you wished you’d done, have done or are still to do, on the Bucket List? J

        I’m actually pretty lucky in this regard, because I’ve pretty much accomplished almost everything I wanted to do as a teenage boy. 
I became an excellent Soldier, a Paratrooper, Commando, Special Forces/Green Beret. Then later a Police Officer in Chicago, a Federal Agent in Detroit.
I married the bravest & finest woman, best mother and without a doubt, the best ER nurse on Chicago south side and now the best in Detroit! I have five kids & four grandkids, so there isn’t a lot that I’ve missed out on. Life is pretty good!
I’ve gotten 3 combat deployments to Afghanistan and one to the Middle East right after the bombing of the US Marine Barracks in Lebanon, 1984. 
Now, now I’m livin’ the dream! I’m as lucky as anybody else alive!

1. I guess I still have an outdoor/beachfront sex fantasy, along with a Winter/Snow fall fantasy, but those are more a matter of “Logistics,” than anything else.
2.  I would like to write a Best Seller, and I’m just now getting to a point in my life where I can afford to put some time to that. After that, the trick is to write one every year thereafter!


Tell us about the genre you write, why do you love it and how did you get into it?  

         I’ve been writing a great deal of Romance and the main reason for that is because that’s just what I started with. I’m a member of a writer’s association, only because it was a passing fancy.  One day I got a Call for Submissions from a publisher that was seeking Erotic stories about your first time. I thought to myself, “I’ve got that story…”

     The next day, I got a Call for Submissions from another publisher, Simon & Schuster, seeking Erotic story submission involving strong Black women.

    I thought, “Hey! Same story!” 

So I wrote the story “Sweet Chocolate’s First Taste,” submitted it to both publishers and the only one to reply was Simon & Schuster’s—Zane and she wanted to use the story in her anthology, “Chocolate Flava 3.”

    Yes, my first time was with a beautiful black woman while I, however, am as white as it gets.  Perhaps this is why I’ve developed a passion for contrast. When I wrote “Sweet Chocolate’s First Taste,” I tried to focus on the contrasts in color, our racial differences, ages, backgrounds and social circles, basic life experiences, etc.

    Then I thought, ‘well, since I seem to have a knack for this genre, I should probably stay here for a while.” 

The thing I like most about Erotica is what is does to the reader, provided you’re a good writer.  It makes their breath shorter, their pulse quicken, what was dry is now wet, what was soft is now hard.  No matter how you felt about your spouse before you started reading, chances are, you feel differently now.

    I have a lot of people who chuckle and sometimes outright laugh when I tell them what I write, but everybody, and I do mean everybody, reads it!  Whether it’s “Penthouse, Letters,” or some Historical Romance, or a Period piece, at some level some variation, everybody reads it.

     And yes! I like happy endings!

What’s your most favorite restaurant in the world? Where, why and the best dish/es they make?

       Morton’s Steakhouse, Troy, Michigan.  This is without a doubt, the finest Restaurant in the Detroit Metro area!!! The problem is: It ain’t the cheapest joint in town. Favorite dish??? Sorry, but when the price tag is this steep, you can’t eat there often enough to have tried the entire menu.  Besides, my states vary, whatever it is:  It’s charred RARE!

Remember those ads for Expedia that asked, ‘If you could go anywhere in the world, but have to go right now?’ Where would you have gone and would you have said to YES to right now? What pulls and entices you to that country?  

         As it stands right now, I’m due back in Afghanistan, but I think I’d like to hit Wales & Scotland. Wales is some of the most beautiful terrain I’ve ever seen and I imagine that Scotland looks much the same. With brilliant greens, and rocky mountains with sharp jagged outcrops… It should be breath taking.

    New Zealand sounds very interesting too. To be skiing in the morning and sunning yourself on the beach in the afternoon, just sounds fantastic. If you haven’t figured it out, I’m big on contrast.
Richard loves contrast. You'll certainly get it in New Zealand. :-)

What parts of you, are incorporated into your characters?

         Quite a bit actually. I think most of my main masculine characters are largely based on me.  Why?  Because I’m a pretty interesting guy, with a lot of experience, in a lot of fascinating field.  Even in those cases where they are based on somebody else, the dialog in the story is almost all me.

     In 2009, I was deployed to Afghanistan on my second tour of duty as a Military Intelligence Operator, with the 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne), in the Combined Joint Special Operations Task Force—Afghanistan (CJSOTF-A).

     I wrote a weekly journal to family and friends and I made every week a cliff hanger. I wanted everybody sitting on the edge of their seats in rapt attention in total suspense.  Since everything I did was al Top Secret, I had to fictionalize the whole story, but all the people, places are all real.  All of the fights are real too, but may or may night have occurred during the 2009 tour.  Anybody familiar with the headlines during that time may recognize things.

     When I got home, everybody raved about it, said I needed to send it off to a publisher. I sent it off to Eternal Press and Damnation books.

“Say Goodnight,” launched in October 2010.  This is a gripping, spine-tingling suspense thriller. I was going to say, read what it’s like to be…  But no!  That’s not accurate. This book is:  Live the life, of a Special Forces Intelligence Operator on a Top Secret Mission in 2009, Afghanistan. Feel the unbelievable tension, the skull crushing stress, the unquenchable thirst, based on notes take contemporaneously to events as they occurred on the ground.

    I’ve gotten some really good reviews on Amazon’s Kindle edition! I urge everybody to check out those reviews!

     I’ve been told I need to get a sequel to “Say Goodnight,” underway. But now I’m kind of thinking of a series that is driven by the headlines.

Favorite male hero/public figure you admire in the world, dead or alive, and why?

          I think like most Intelligence professionals, I think that James Bond is so far removed from reality that it is almost hard to believe that we’re supposed to be in the same business. That said, the story are always exciting, the location are always exotic & scenic, and the women are always hot, so that never hurts.

     As far as real people go, Mark Twain and Bill Shakespeare are very high on my list. Mark Twain I read as young boy, Shakespeare, I avoided like the plague in High School.  However, later, in the Army, I had to write a report on “Henry V,” the quintessential book on leadership. It was then I realized just how deep Shakespeare was.

     I equate Twain & Shakespeare because I believe they are both equally fantastic authors, Twain was easier for me to grasp because he didn’t speak in vernacular or parable as much.  But these are two authors that can not be over analyzed. Now I’ve heard college students scoff at Shakespeare because “he’s an oxcart in a nuclear age and hardly relevant anymore!”

     I couldn’t disagree more, because Twain & Shakespeare didn’t write about the problems of their day.  They wrote about the one thing that would remain consistent throughout the ages: Human Nature.

Favorite female heroine/public figure you admire in the world, dead or alive, and why?  

         I always liked Becky Thatcher as I was reading Twain. I always figured she had to be a strong girl of substantial spine to go wandering off on such an adventure with Tom & Huck. But I really hate weak women!

    I recently wrote a couple of novellas, two of a trilogy, I’ll have the third submitted soon.  The trilogy is Dark Fiction and part of the Wild Darkness call up from Muse it Up Publishing, Montreal, Quebec.

     The first is a paranormal, scorching HOT Romance, that is a continuation of “the Legend of Sleepy Hollow,” by Washington Irving. 

     Now I wanted my characters to be a pair of young lovers who venture into the woods for an evening of romance and accidentally unleash the headless horseman on 21st Century New York. 

     Now, I have to point out, that I had my story submitted well before the Fox TV Series, so any similarities are purely coincidental. But I didn’t want my characters to be a bunch of witless teens that go running and screaming through the woods only to die groveling at the feet of some monster/villain.  So I made my characters two Combat Veterans from Iraq & Afghanistan, so they are people of means and capability.  Now there’s a lot more to this story and it launches in late summer this year. I ask everybody to stay on the lookout for “Into Darkness Eternal.”

    History buffs, especially Military History, will also love the second installment of that series, “Into Darkness Again,” which is a Paranormal Sci-Fi, also scorching HOT, with the same hero & heroine having to travel back to the horseman’s time period in order to keep our timeline from collapsing in on itself. This is also an espionage suspense/thriller. I was meticulous in my research and my timeline. Personally, I think a lot of people will enjoy this story even if they are not history buffs.

    By the way, AMC TV network came out with their series, “Turn,” AFTER me again!!!  Although some of the characters are the same, since we both did our research!  I was FIRST, any similarities are purely coincidental.

Have you ever had a character just “do their own thing?” Have you ever had an argument with one of your characters? Or anything else odd happen?

         As a matter of fact, yes. That ‘best seller,’ I’m in the process of writing, flashes back & forth in time, and half way through I realized that I could use one character and keep him consistent throughout the ages.

    An unintentional common thread.

    In “Say Goodnight,” I wrote one character in, and then decided that he should be a major character.  No, not big like Claude Raines in “Casablanca,” sort of big.

     However, I use those arguments that I might have with myself to explain intricate of complex portions of my story, to the reader.

     A friend of mine develops a ‘kindred spirit’, if you will, with her characters. So far, my hero & heroine are my only two major characters in my stories that I would have that kind of a connection with. But I expect that can change as I grow as a writer.

What’s your passion in life?

         As of late, it’s been writing. However, I also enjoy Black & White photography, travel and I’m still absolutely drooling stupid nuts for my wife!

What’s your writer’s routine? Do you write whenever or at certain times? Are you a pantser or plotter? Where do you like to write?

          To be honest, I really haven’t had much of a chance to start one. However, for the most part, on those days where my only mission is to write, I’d say I probably sit down and start banging the keys at around 9:00 and go to at least 10:30, more like 11:30. I then go over what I just wrote and tune it a little then get back to it until at least 1:00 before breaking for lunch.  Then, repeat.  With a full novel, such as I’m writing now, I want to get a decent Chapter a week in.   

    Now, typically to date, in writing a novella, I can get to 10K-15K words in a weekend. But I have to be writing all weekend, from Friday night to Sunday afternoon and I must have a complete picture of the story in my mind when I start. So I can write a complete novella in a weekend. It’s the back & forth with proofreaders and editors that becomes the most time consuming part of the process.

     I wrote a Christmas story, “The Merriest Christmas Ever,” about a wounded warrior returning home immediately after World War II.  This came out to be almost 15,000 words.  Started Friday afternoon and finished Sunday morning.  And this is a Very Powerful, emotional, highly erotic romance of the ages!  Yes, it’s a time-period piece, but I stayed true to history.

     The following weekend, I wrote another Christmas story that focused on Confessions, entitled, “The Penitent,” that will launched this year from Muse It Up Publishing, Montreal, again.  I have no launch window for “the Merriest Christmas Ever,” at this time.

If you could pick a past life, what time period would appeal to you and why? Would you be male or female? Rich or poor?  

         Male, without a doubt, and I would probably go back to World War II:

#1) Because I’m a Soldier and these were the opening days of Modern Special Warfare.

#2) Because I am a hardcore, unrepentant, unapologetic Jazz Fanatic!!! And what a day it was for Jazz!!!

#3) Rich or Poor??? I’ve never understood why it has to be those polar extremes! Democrats would have you believe that this is still 1929 America, Great Depression in full swing, soup lines stretch around the block 5 or 6 times, black men hang from every street light and it’s just not so!  There is still a Middle Class, as there always has been.  Now whether they are thriving or not, or why they are not, is an argument that we can have.  I know why that is, but many will think it’s debatable, although it really is not.

Although, the Civil War was also an interesting time and the years following with the expansion west.  In fact, I have an idea for a series of books focused on this point in history. But those are much further down the road.
Contact Richard on:

I have a webpage where people can come to preview and purchase any of my books, novellas or short stories, as well as those of a few friends.  Readers can also post a comment in my guestbook and I invite everybody to stop by and do exactly that. Also, a friend of mine, Mark Casigh, also has his own webpage, Most Erotic Books, which also carries everything I’ve written and readers can also post comments there, as well.  

I have a FB page as well as FB pages for both “Sweet Chocolate’s First Taste,” and “Say Goodnight.”  By the way, I could use a few more ‘likes,’ too!  So please stop by and take a look.
You can find Richard Burns books at ~
Damnation Books
Say Good Night

Say Good Night ~ Military Thriller

A US Special Forces Military Intelligence Soldier uncovers an Al-Qaeda operation to ruin the Multi-national coalition. A Special Forces Soldier in Afghanistan, 2009 uncovers a major enemy operation. It's the kind which requires high level involvement. Very high level. Just how high does it go? See for yourself, as you experience first hand the tension and excitement of being on an Intelligence Operation in Afghanistan, through the vivid descriptions of the author and his notes taken contemporaneous to the events!

  • "I am…'Binkey'."
  • "You don’t use your weapon unless I tell you to."
  • “Kill him. Terminate with extreme prejudice.”

  • Excerpt:
    “They have something big planned. Bigger than you or I ever dreamed of.”

    “How about a few specifics?”

    “I don’t know. I think it involves some genius-
    ly forged documents. They tell me they have sources inside of your White House! It will break everything! Your coalition against us; your relations with the Chinese; your relations with Canada…the English. Everything!” He said this all in frantic whispers.

    “What makes you say that?” In that instant a single gunshot rang out just about fifty yards away. Bijoux arched his back and collapsed. He was dead before his last breath left his mouth.


    You can find Richard Burns books at ~
    Muse It Hot Publishing
    Sweet Chocolate's First Taste



    Sweet Chocolate's First Taste ~ Romance Erotica

    A young white soldier has his first sexual encounter.  The racial kettle of the southern US in 1979 is at a constant simmer.  And just how good can a hooker be, when it’s just another day’s work?  Or is there no substitute for professionalism?


    Instantly, I was captivated, and a little intimidated by both her age, almost thirty, and her luscious beauty. The woman—and she was a real woman, not a kid—had a pleasant round face with high cheek bones that gave it depth. She was tall, but still several inches shorter than my six feet, but I was struck by her very dark, coffee brown complexion, which seemed at odds with her flowing, shiny curls of gorgeous shoulder-length hair. My palms were sweaty at the thought of getting them on her beautiful, perfectly proportioned breasts. Those breasts seemed to call to me, with each sway and bounce.  Her soft white cotton dress fit her form sensationally, hugging her upper body alluringly, accentuating the breadth of her torso before tapering down to her narrow waist, then loosely flowing over the graceful, but sweeping curve of her hips. 

    My arms wanted to encircle that narrow waist, to lay my hand atop that scrumptious, perfectly developed ass, and then just pull her body to mine. To press our chests and hips together, to meld into a single being; to feel her softness pressed against my hardness. To feel the slope and curve of her back as those glorious breasts pressed against my chest. She was perhaps the most beautiful black woman I had ever met. All of these thoughts vanished quickly with my growing anxiety at my impending moment.

    Coming Soon!!!

    Into Darkness Eternal:  Paranormal Sci-Fi, Erotic Romance

    Into Darkness Again:  Paranormal Historic Period Romance, strong Military History.

    Into the Darkest Mine:  Paranormal Historic Romance, also with a strong Military History aspect.

    The Merriest Christmas Ever

    Currently in the works…

    The Newsman:  Violent Crimes

             This is a fictional, although extremely accurate account of a Chicago Police Violent Crimes Detective in 2000 Chicago, Illinois. Deal with the politics, the pressure and a brand new Romance with a long time attraction.

             Detective Jack McGurn just passed the detective’s exam and is divorced and a recovering drunk.  He started working one of the worse beats on Chicago’s south side, Grand Crossings District. Come see what it's like to be a Violent Crimes Detective in one of the most volatile areas of the city. 


    1. Aloha Richard,

      Thanks so much for being here and answering all the questions in depth. You've had a very full and active life. No wonder you've got so many new stories coming out. You have energy for Africa. How neat! :-)

      I also love Wales. What a gorgeous country. It just has such great energy. I went there in the middle of winter and it bucketed down with rain, but it was lovely anyway. I love the Welsh too. I was in Northern Wales and it was really special.

      I'm also a fan of Jazz and big band. I LOVE the war time tunes and around that era. I hanker for an old style WWII jazz, blues and big band club. :-)

      Thanks again Richard!! It was great to get to know you more.

      Aloha Meg :-)

    2. Thank you so much for this great, in-depth interview! I love your questions, Meg, and Robert, your answers are so unique and thorough I feel like I really got the chance to know you. I am amazed at your writing routine, Richard, that you can get so much done over a weekend! Your books sound very exciting, especially Say Good Night. I'm anxious to check it out. All the best to you, Meg, and to you, Richard, in all your writing endeavors.

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      You are definitely a man of adventure, and it's always nice to see someone so in love with his wife as to mention her...I sort of feel like I know her through your strong female protagonists in your stories; )
      Hugs to both of you, Meg and Richard - great interview...and I'll spread the word: )

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        Thanks for stopping by. :-). I liked the love for Richards wife too. So lovely. Thanks for spreading the word. Hugs to you. :-)

    4. Richards stories come to life and leaving your imagination wanting more! This is a great interview and shows that not only is Richard a great writer, but an interesting man in his own right. Can't wait for the next book. Love and Huggs to you Richard.

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