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Kay Dee Royal Interview! Another fabulous interview with one of our own Hot Muse authors! :-)

Aloha everyone,

Please give a warm welcome to my good friend and fellow Muse it Hot author ~ Kay Dee Royal ~ who writes hot to trot paranormal and erotica romance. She likes her men ruggedly strong and her heroines intelligent, with some shadowy secrets thrown in. And naturally they're sultry and sexy as hell too.  :-) Just how we like them... Thanks so much for being here and Aloha Kay Dee!! :-)
Tell our readers a wee bit about yourself. What are 5 things you wished you had done, have done or are still to do, on the Bucket List? J

1.   Wish I would have started writing seriously sooner;)

2.   To do – travel around MI with hubby and fishJ Best writing done on the water (if I’m not catching fish). We’ve already fished a ton of lakes in our state, but there’s always more when living in a state of 10,000 lakesJ 

3.   My family (father, sisters, and all of their families) have taken a week vacation every summer together for about twenty years – it’s been the most memorable times. We’re sort of going our separate ways…only because our group is getting so large it’s tough to plan a place for 40 people *LOL* We like cabins on lakes and some of us bring 4-legged dudes, so it takes a lot of research time finding our spots. Hate to see it stop, but families grow and then we get to vacation with our own off spring and their children J  

4.   We mushroom hunt every spring and ice fish for crappy every winter…boat fish during summer and my husband hunts deer during the fall & early winter. We are definitely nature people  

5.   Meg, this question is a toughie for me – everything I’ve done, I’m happy I did, things I haven’t done…well, I don’t miss, things to come…the door’s open and I welcome the experience – with the hope we do travel through our lovely state where a number of my stories take place

Tell us about the genre you write, why do you love it and how did you get into it?  

I’ve always been a sci-fi freak (before it was broken into paranormal, fantasy, urban fantasy, steam punk, etc.)…I still love sci-fi, but my absolute favorite genre to read and to write is Paranormal, with Fantasy a close second;)  

The erotic romance part of my genre happened quite by accident – I wrote (ghost writer) the sexy love scenes for another author and totally fell in love with writing those lovely scenesJ Not sure what that says about me…but when it flows that fun and easy, well, ya just gotta write it, right? 

What’s your most favorite restaurant in the world? Where, why and the best dish/es they make?  

You will think this is so bad…my favorite restaurant isn’t really a restaurant at all – I prefer cafés – and will frequent them as often as I can to work/write. I love chai lattes with 2 pumps of chocolate (24 oz.)…and I’m high on lifeJ Only get to do this a couple times a month…but it gets me out of the house and into another whole energy center:) 

Remember those ads for Expedia that asked, ‘If you could go anywhere in the world, but have to go right now?’ Where would you have gone and would have said YES to right now? What pulls and entices you to that country?  

Remember my saying I love natural fun – fishing, hiking, mushroom hunting, vacations in cabins by a lake…well, I’d love to go and visit Alaska in the summer…maybe take one of those whale cruises (which cruising isn’t my cup o’ tea) but I love watching whales. We got to view them from a balcony on Maui years ago and I fell in love with the majestic power they exude when they surface and dive.

What parts of you, are incorporated into your characters?  

I might incorporate some empathic abilities or intuitive abilities into my characters…pretty much all of them have my love of the outdoors; ) Beyond that…the sexy stuff, well, that’s totally creative fiction – I’m very much an introvert at heart (did I just say that out loud??) J

Favorite male hero/public figure you admire in the world, dead or alive, and why?  

Oh, my gosh…this is so tough. For the longest time my male hero was my father…and perhaps in some respects he still is (and he is still living and active). It became a split between my father and my husband…and now, well – I married an alpha male – and after forty-some years together, well, he really is my hero. 

I’m not a person who watches the news or pays too close attention to the anger and negative events of the world. It doesn’t feed me to know it…so in a worldly sense my heroes are people such as the Dalai Lama, Deepak Chopra, Mike Dooley, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Louise Hay, you get my drift here – higher consciousness type of thinkers and doers ;)  

Favorite female heroine/public figure you admire in the world, dead or alive, and why?  

Opera Winfrey;)

Have you ever had a character just “do their own thing?” Have you ever had an argument with one of your characters? Or anything else odd happen?  

Holy hell yes! Savage Smoke…I could go on and on – I had the toughest time finishing that book…it was his time to die, and he fought me – I mean like kept grabbing my pen, refusing to leave the pages behind *grins*  

I’m finding the same thing happening for book three – Smoke ‘n’ Bliss. *shakes head* He continues to want redemption for his misguided evilness…but should actually stand up and take responsibility for his wrong doing. It’s our total argument with each other. He thinks he can redeem himself another way…but I told him the only way to redemption after everything he’s done would be to slide-out saving someone (slide-out…meaning die doing it).

He’s so dang stubborn! So, I don’t know at this point which of us will win this argument. 


What’s your passion in life?  

My grandchildren…they have the energy of angels;)

What’s your writer’s routine? Do you write whenever or at certain times? Are you a pantser or plotter? Where do you like to write?  

I write all over my house – little stations in pretty much every room for when the mood suites me…I get bored with the same o’ same o’ – in the spring and fall I love writing on my three-season porch. It faces out to my back yard…which is nothing fancy, but I can view all the birds, squirrels, and bunnies and hear their ambient sounds;) 

Oh…I’m a pantser all the way, although Claudia Suzanne ( ) has an amazing tool – Plot your Novel in 15 minutes (or as some of us know it – Meet in the Middle Plotting) that seems to work well for me;) Not sure she still offers it on her website, but if you contact her, I think she’d accommodate you:-) 

If you could pick a past life, what time period would appeal to you and why? Would you be male or female? Rich or poor?  

I always thought I’d be better suited as a female pilgrim/or farmer wife of the mid-west territory. Tending the garden, making soap and candles, having a root cellar…I’m not into History so much, but I’ve had many dreams of me tending gardens in a long dress and apron living in a valley along a mountain range. (And if you know me…I’m nothing like that – hate dresses). Wooden cabin and some rough fencing that kept a few animals from running off. *LOL* 

I wouldn’t think in terms of money – rich or poor, only in the abundance of what we had.

Kay Dee Royal Bio:

Kay Dee Royal writes paranormal, fantasy, and contemporary erotic romance—maybe because they’re also her favorite genres to read! She pens tales with wild, rugged heroes and strong, intelligent heroines. She'll give them both a few shadowy secrets, making her stories intriguing and fun. She resides in Southern Michigan with her family (her dog, her cats, her caged husband... you get the idea). You can find the latest on her titles from her publisher, MuseItHot.

Savage Smoke
~ Book 2 Lycan International Investigation Series

Erotic Paranormal Romance

Sizzling HOT! Warning: Lots of two-somes, three-somes, even more-somes, like it stimulating, arousing, and positively natural…or supernatural.

Will Trevor rescue Lindsey in time to save her from shifting into Smoke’s pack, and will she even want saved?


Chance and his LIIA pack of agents search for rogue Lycan mastermind, Smoke, kidnapper of Lindsey and fifteen other human women he plans to use for procreating his own army.

Trevor, Chance’s right-hand Lycan, wants his mate back. Lindsey loves Trevor and believes he’s given up on her.

Will Trevor rescue Lindsey in time to save her from shifting into Smoke’s pack, and will she even want saved?


Staring Into the Eyes of Chance
~ Book 1 Lycan International Investigation Series

Erotic Paranormal Romance

Sizzling HOT! Warning: Wild and lust-filled love scenes, extra stimulating, arousing, and positively natural…or supernatural.

Olivia swears off men until she meets Chance, a Lycan alpha. He ignites an undeniable hunger they can only sate together.


Olivia endures a thirty-four year passionless marriage, discovering her dead husband’s philandering history at his funeral. She devotes her energy and life-long sensitivity with animals to her wildlife refuge and preserve.

Chance, a Lycan alpha and leader of the Lycan International Investigation Agency (LIIA) throws himself into his investigations. He chooses to neglect his duty of finding a primal-mate after watching his father become an empty shell over the loss of his.

A murderous rogue pack draws Chance onto Olivia’s wildlife preserve, sending Olivia’s animal sensitivities into overdrive. Chance and Olivia discover a sizzling force driving them together.

Will they succumb to its enticing tether, or fight to resume their loveless lives apart?




  1. Aloha Kay Dee

    Thanks so much for your interesting answers :-). I love the contrast between your erotica writing life and your interests like fishing and mushrooming!! :-)

    I love that you started out in erotica by accident. :-). I'd never considered that someone might not write their own sex scenes. :-)

    Oh no. I like cafés too. When I was a kid, in New Zealand - we used to go often with mum for lunch. I like the feel if them. :-). I like writing in them too. :-)

    I especially love how you incorporate in intuitive and empath abilities in your books. Works for me in a big way. :-). And aren't nearly all us writers introverts. I am! I love it. I'd never be able to sit down and write if I was an extrovert. Lol

    Lol. I love it when the characters do their own thing. :-). Charlie and I have had some pretty funny conversations at times. :-).

    Thanks Kay Dee :-). Great to have you on here!! Hugs Meg :-)

    1. Meg...biggest hugs ever for letting me walk into your place with muddy feet *grins* Yep...I sort of downloaded all kinds of stuff because you had those great questions and geesh...I had to say something, right? *LOL*

      Thank you for inviting me and making my stay so enjoyable: )

      I brought some virtual frosted brownies...I needed a hit of chocolate to share with my friends...and for you, Meg...I brought you one of those chai lattes with 2 pumps of chocolate...hope you like it:)

    2. Lol. Thanks for the goodies Kay Dee. And for making this a super fun blog visit. :-). Big hugs to you for being here with me. :-). So nice!!

  2. Love finding out more about my favorite people and Meg, your website is awesome. Best wishes to both of you!

    1. Hi Sharon - hug, hug, hug...I miss you dear friend:) Thanks so much for stopping by Meg's place...isn't it lovely? I love it! And, she's quite the hostess...makes me laugh and I resonate so much with her...and she let me drag mud into her place...who does that?
      So glad you stopped in and got to see Meg and her place...and thanks from the bottom of my heart - love ya, Sharon.

  3. Aloha S. Willett

    Thanks so much for your nice comments. :-) I appreciate you stopping by.

    Aloha Meg. :-).

  4. I loved your questions, Meg, and the responses from Kay Dee. I, too, am a huge fan of chai lattes. And, of course, your books sound very interesting! I also like the reference to the fifteen minute plot your novel, I'll have to check that out. Best of luck to you in your writing endeavors.

    1. Matthew, thanks so much for stopping by...doesn't Meg have a lovely place? She has the best questions...and, she just makes me smile:) Thanks for the encouraging comments about my books...and I think you'll like Claudia's plot's so easy. Thank you again...and much success to you and your writing career:)

    2. Oh thanks Matt and Kay Dee :-). Such lovely comments. So nice that everyone stopped in. :-). Thanks!! Aloha Meg. :-)

  5. Loved the interview. Kay Dee Royal is an amazing author. I cannot wait to read the next installment in the LIIA series.

    1. Hi Kim...thanks so much for your encouraging words...fighting with Smoke has been the challenge of even starting the next gives me such pleasure and joy knowing someone is waiting to hear the rest of the his story - thank you for stopping just made my day:)

    2. Aloha Kim. Thanks for popping in. Lovely to have you here. Aloha Meg. :-)

  6. What a great interview, Meg and Kay Dee. I loved hearing about your whale watching. And a state with 10,000 lakes! That hardly sounds possible! Loved hearing about your life in the wild. Much success to you both with your writing!

    1. Helena - Hi there woman:) Hugs! Thanks so much for swinging in and taking a peek...I love Meg's place and feel truly honored to be here. If I lived closer to the ocean, I'd definitely be a whale watcher:)
      It's written somewhere that MI has water (ponds, lakes, streams, rivers, etc.) every three miles throughout the it is a network of watering holes *grins* And some of them contain some monster good fish.

    2. Oh thanks Helena and Kay Dee. :-). Wishing you well in your writing too!! And I've lived in Michigan. How did I manage to miss all the lake. Lol. No I'm not coming for a visit Kay Dee. Lol. Two winters in Michigan were enough for a lifetime. Oh okay... I suppose if I have to see the Detroit Tigers play at home. I could stop by. :-). Give you a hug in person! :-)

      Aloha Meg. :-)

  7. Thanks for letting us listen in on your conversation, ladies! Although I'm not an erotica reader, I must admit that the LIIA concept is very intriguing. Best of luck with your books!

    1. Heather - thank you so much for stopping in for a visit. I appreciate your wish of luck...even though you're not an erotic romance reader. Hugs for it:) and for you...wishing you much success as well:)

    2. Aloha Heather. Yes. Thanks so much for stopping in to see us. It's lovely to see some non-erotica writers visiting. Thanks guys. We're just writers like everyone else. :-). We just give a few more details in our romances - that's all :-). Good writing with your books too.

      Aloha Meg. :-)

  8. Hi Kay Dee, I'm with you on wishing I had started writing earlier, but we're doing it now, that's what counts! :) Still have to read Savage Smoke, but definitely looking forward to what happens next:) Hugs, Sara

    Meg, fun interview, and Kay Dee is a not only a compelling author of paranormal and erotica, but she's a genuinely warm and wonderful person!

    Cheers, and have a fabulous day!


    1. Hi Sara...I've missed you, woman:) Thanks so much for stopping by;) I have a couple of your books to read yet also - I loved The Lycan Moon and The Powers - both excellent paranormal reads:) Great to see you...HUGS!!

    2. Aloha Sara

      Thanks so much for dropping by. I would agree with you that Kay Dee is a warm and wonderful person!! She's just a pleasure to be around. :-). Thanks again.

      Aloha Meg. :-)

  9. Aloha! This was a fun interview, Meg and Kay! I feel like I learned a lot about Kay and what great questions, Meg. Thanks so much and best wishes to both of you.

    Aloha, Susan

    1. Hello Susan:) Thank you ever so much for stopping by and checking out Meg's place...isn't it the greatest:) It was a fun interview from Meg...she's amazing. Hugs:)

    2. Ohh thanks Kay Dee and aloha Susan. :-). Thanks to you too. We'll have to make you an honorary Hawaiian. :-). Glad you guys found the interview fun. I really love getting people's answers back. They're so fascinating!! You're amazing too Kay!! :-)

  10. Meg...this has been such fun...thank you for having me...ready for another day with my good friend:) I'm going to be at a cafe for a little while this morning...taking one of those breaks away from my house...the snow left yesterday afternoon, but it's only 20 degrees outside.
    This has been the longest winter...good for the ice fisherman though;) That is if they had a tent or ice shanty - it has been the coldest also.
    Looking for Spring...anyone seen it??

  11. Aloha Kay! :-). Glad you're running away from home at your favorite cafe. :-). That sounds lovely. I'll be down soon. I'll have a bagel please with cream cheese. Onion if they have it. :-). Crikey Michigans cold. I don't miss it sorry. :-). I remember those temperatures. Or the snow and ice. Please tell me that's 20 degrees in Celsius. Lol. Well I hope the cafés nice and toasty. And you're enjoying your chai latte with a side order of blissful cocooned writing space you can get in a cafe. :-). Hugs girl. :-)

  12. I just noticed the time stamp on our comments, that coming from your computer? It's 12:13 p.m. here right now. Latte was good - wasn't working...had a visit with a graphic design artist...she's actually the one that made all of the buttons on your site (not the covers as our amazing cover artists did those), but my friend made the buttons for just such an occasion as this one:)

    I brought you a latte also, ya go - wanted you to try that chai with 2 pumps of chocolate *grins*

    I'll be checking in throughout the day while working on some soon.


  13. Ta for the caffeine hit. :-). I needed it. I couldn't stay awake any longer this morning. Lol.

    Yes the time stamps were right. I'm three hours behind you. But I usually go to sleep between 5 and 8 in the morning. I don't use become human until after 5 in the afternoon. Lol

    Hope the meeting was good with the graphic artist. I love those guys. I think they're amazing. So many creative ideas. It fascinates me. My website only looks as good as it does because I used a template a graphic artist did on goDaddy.

    Okay. Going to wake up a wee bit more. It's 2.50 PST here. Talk soon. Hugs. :-).